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  1. what do you guys think about this? for the money I mean... obviously, you could get a lot better sub, but what about this on a budget? http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=300-634&raid=25&rak=daysub
  2. It's like when people list a shirt for example. It will say something like: "Izod polo shirt, not polo ralph lauren, prada, or gucci"
  3. ---------------- On 3/9/2005 3:34:52 PM bytor33 wrote: I leave the grills off my satellite speakers and on for my bigger speakers. BTW how do those RS-25's sound with your system neomartic? I have the RB-25's and RC-25 for fronts and am getting the RS-25's from UPS on Friday hopefully. ---------------- They sound great. I love 'em. They're the perfect match for the system, (obviously, as they are in the 25 series). I love getting a movie with DTS and just blaring the crap out of it! I'm sure you'll enjoy them. btw. what receiver are you using?
  4. I have the RB-25 system and use a Marantz SR5300. This model is a few years old and they've since come out with SR5400 and I believe SR5500. These are amazing receivers! I suggest you look into them. Might be a little above $500, but you might find a SR5400 a little cheaper since it is a later model.
  5. I think that you just put Klipsch in your ad to attract more hits. It's a pretty lame attempt though because anyone searching for Klipsch won't bother bidding on these. Mind as well just said Khorns while you were at it. In all honesty, you can't say that's not the reason you put the name Klipsch in the ad. It's like when people list a shirt for example. It will say something like: "Izod polo shirt, not polo ralph lauren, prada, or gucci"
  6. Luckily.. I left mine on because one day my younger brother, who was an absolute moron for doing this, blew a candle out so hard, wax went all over the front of my RC-25. Good thing the grille (dust cover) was on! btw. If anyone has a grille for the RC-25 and wouldn't mind selling it, I'd be interested. I contacted Klipsch, but a new grille will cost about $60, so I opted to hold of for a bit in hopes of finding someone that would sell me theirs.
  7. you need nothing more, just make sure you go to the audio menu on your dvd and select dts.
  8. i use nero for all my burning/copying/creating needs. it's a good program, i recommend it.
  9. ---------------- On 12/30/2004 1:46:03 AM kenratboy wrote: Boston Acoustics has filed suit in Massachusetts superior court against the City of Boston for using its namesake. ---------------- That is freaking hilarious! Can you believe that? I got a good laugh out of it!
  10. 40 degrees! That must be nice. On my way to work this morning it was 33, and we haven't even started to get into the "cold" season yet! Wait until about January 15th, ah Picky? Now that'll be cold! Yet I do envy your view! I'm currently in the back of the office... with no windows.
  11. Thanks for the post Picky. I'll be graduating from Wayne State University in May 2005 with a business degree in finance. Glad to hear to positive feedback about the job situation in the Detroit Metro area!
  12. Wow! It seems like everyone either has some type of tech job, or owns their own business. I have no idea what I want to do, but I know I want to open some type of business. I don't feel I should be spending so much time in college to get out and work the rest of my life just to "pay The Man." While still young, I'm constantly trying to think of new business ventures, however I'm constantly unsuccessful in my thinking.
  13. As an daily reader/poster on this forum it seems like I've grown to know you guys. Although we never have face-to-face discussion, and I don't even know many of your real names it seems like we all share a really close bond. I was recently reading a thread and asked myself this question. What do all these guys do for a living? So my question to you is... (if you care to answer) Where are you from? City/State? and What is your occupation? It seems like you should know these things about people that you consider friends.
  14. Both are really really nice! I like your basement a lot! It looks so clean and modern. Something for me to shoot for! someday...
  15. I downloaded an MP3 of the Stone Temple Pilots doing an acoustic version of "Christmas time is here" from the Charlie Brown special. I got it from the P2P program Ares. I really like it, along with Smashing Pumpkings - Christmastime.
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