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  1. Greetings: I have noticed a slight and sometimes not so slight difference in tonal balance, depending on the brand. Win (dodger)
  2. Hey Erik: Believe me, I've gone through Klipsch bashing. It all depends on your taste, your own hearing curve and the music you are listening to. Though I am a die hard Heritage fan, we all ARE entitled to our own opinion... no rain, just my own opinion. Glad to read you. Thanks, W.G., Wendy and Janis for watching over me. Win (dodger)
  3. Greetings: As a McIntosh man in Mac Country, Congratulations. You may also call McIntosh parts and get a manual from the Company. Good Luck, Win (dodger)
  4. Greetings: Dodger is revived thanks to Amy - so I'm baaaaaaaaaaack![*][au] Win
  5. Greetings: Dodger is revived thanks to Amy - so I'm baaaaaaaaaaack![*][au] Win
  6. Hey guys, It's Amy, posting as dodger... but I thought seeing his name would get everyone's attention [] Win spoke with our customer service just a few minutes ago, and wanted us to pass along to all his friends here: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ---dodger Win" Hopefully he'll be able to join us again very soon!!!
  7. I do hope that this cable was not designed by the ones who came up with the repairs to the Shuttle. I can see trannys glowing now.
  8. The plots, improvements and gains are all within the curiousity of the potential buyer. The more you believe that the difference will be dramatic, the better it sounds and the higher the price. All one has to do is get 8 gauge wire, wrap it in plastic, put it in a deep freeze, with the ends of course. Leave for 96 hours then bring to room temperature. Beverage is of your choice - a bottle of Dom due to savings. There are some cords on equipment - vintage and new, that are not the proper gauge or have been bent to the point of almost breaking. Replacing the Power Cord with a slightly heavier gauge may help and may explain some of the improvements that are heard by listeners. But that amount of money is obscene. dodger
  9. I received a link via an email. Even with webtv, it works. Now, is it a true improvement or a psychological? It appears, to my eyes, to be genuine. dodger
  10. ---------------- On 7/19/2005 8:54:14 AM wstrickland1 wrote: Liebert ---------------- ????????? To Note: my post was not for debate but for agreement with Dragonfyr on differences. Too many think line conditioning is just stopping a surge and adding the RFI/EMI filters - which may not be enough, chokes may be needed. Perhaps a better term would be Voltage Conditioner with Surge and RFI/EMI Protection and then Surge Protection with RFI/EMI Filtering. The Panamax have proven themselves in the second category. A real question is how many actually need the Steady Voltage Conditioner. Florida, California with the power outages and rolling brownouts/blackouts - definitely. Some areas are stable and that is a luxury compared to some other items. The percent of the power drop has to be noted also when deciding.
  11. ---------------- On 7/19/2005 4:46:38 AM tripod wrote: http://www.brickwall.com/ ---------------- Brickwall takes great pains to note the prices and the fact that MOVs can wear out - no life span given. But, as Dragonfyr states they do not condition the power. They provide surge protectio, EMI/RFI filtering, but I don't see any point that notes keeping the current/voltage steady. Brownouts are a problem seldom addressed but can be fatal to Components. So as noted: Surge Protectors with no filtering, Surge Protectors with EMI/RFI Filtering, Line Conditioners which provide a stable constant current with surge protection and EMI/RFI Filtering. And also as noted: MOVs vs other forms of protection. But a question to ask is how long do MOVs last in an average fairly constant current area? And can we now separate Line Conditioners from Surge Protectors with EMI/RFI filtering ?
  12. Talk about dumping on people. The homeless should file a class action suit (pun intended.) I wonder what Victoria's Secret was or was that a load of c**p?
  13. I've used Crowns with no problems. If you want new try Ashly.
  14. A GOOD Engineer will maintain Hot and Ground Polarity from the initial build. Understanding that the left and right polarity from amp to speaker should also be hooked the same. Otherwise one cone is moving forward while the oter is moving back. Again this is a part of the reason for the polarized plugs - sequence. However there are not enough Studio Designers and Engineers that will insist on this. It's a matter of sonic purity. Some may disagree, but when putting your full reputation and skills on the line, you want evry nuance possible. If that is shown to to be so by a number of listeners, it is not diffcult to achieve either with the polarized plugs or by a three pronged grounded outlet and power cord. If the Artist(s) specify complete polarity, it should be done. If not and the Artistis(s) check, Arrogant Engineers may survive at the re-inforced sound but gain a reputation for Recording. Also, as noted before, outlets whether three pronged or grounded via the green screw will pass / fail using a simple device to check proper wirng no ground, poor ground, proper hot, etc.. Also again, a phase switch should should control one speaker. If it controls both and switches both, one side will still be out of phase, though reversed.
  15. My response was not indicated to make money. But in live sound you can, if you have good ears and a good scope, notice a change with the AC polarity. That's one of the reasons for the polarized plugs - note one. The current alternates. The easiest way to determine any effect is to check with a Master Electrician who also did Pro sound for years and also recording. Take a Reel to Reel, record an instrument, reverse the plug, list for any change. Noting a switch between an amp and a speaker, quite a number have them. Som make the mistake of reversing the left and right of BOTH speakers when switched the result still one out of phase. All one needs is to reverse one speaker.
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