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  1. "besides, I don't pay any more then $50.00 for Marantz tube gear." Too cool I remember the cabinet.
  2. If all you are after is bass then the Heresy II may not be what you want. I have a pair of HII's that I use with a Heathkit tube amp (15wpc). Wonderful combination. I also run my HII's on a Sansui G-7700 once in a while. With both setups the highs and midrange are fantastic. If you are getting a deal on these HII's than do it. Buy a sub later. I like the HII midrange better than my Cornwalls. My two centavos.
  3. Hope the old boy shows up tomorrow, Jeff.
  4. Separating pride from cowardess can be difficult. Each situation is unique. It's over, and myself, I'm done with it. Winchester21, you should check with Meagain on a pair of VRD's that have been idling for a year and a half. She has a thread titled "I'm baaack" in the two channel section of our forum.
  5. I remember Meagain. Had the stereo system on the same circuit as the back yard fountain pump, I beleive. You should contact member Winchester21 about selling your unused VRDs. He's been looking for a pair. Be a nice down payment for a pair of Palladiums.
  6. I wanna girl just like Dtel's wife. Anyone know where there is another like her? I'll wait patiently for the prompt responses...
  7. What upsets me most is knowing all the good times I will be having tomorrow, the next day, and etc, that he won't be part of. He will be sorely missed, I'll tell you that. Thank you for your thoughts. I've made my peace with him. He was a very,very proud man. A good friend until the end.
  8. I'm not sure how I should feel. Happy, angry, sad, etc. A good friend of mine for 30+ years comitted suicide today. I know this much. He won't wake up to hear the birds singing tomorrow morning as we know they will be... Big mistake, IMHO. Even crows in the A.M. are better than dead silence. What bothers me most is that he never gave his buddies a chance to talk him out of it. I know I could have, given the opportunity.
  9. Let's hope CTP makes amends. I wasn't part of repairing Timmikid's amp(s) problem, but I did watch and read the forum members take care. Amazing. I remember the forum paying for the refurbishing of a Scott amp for a now deceased member. I did participate in that. Happily. It's too bad we have to be more skeptical as to who we can give our combined favors to..... We are very powerful as a group. Let's hope this keeps us from helping the next time. Let's hope CTP makes amends.
  10. A broken heart is so very hard to heal.... My best wishes to you, Trey.
  11. Anything past 1:00 on the volume pot for more than five hours voids dtel's warranty on the 930. Seriously, the 430 will sound very good thru a pair of Cornwalls.
  12. There were a pair of 30" refurbished EV woofers on ebay a couple weeks ago. Went for $3374.00
  13. What happened? Both CDs and Money Market accounts dropped rates of redemption tremendously. I'm talking a full point on CDs. Overnight. Money Markets are dead. What was 4.00% is now 0.05%. What happened? It only promotes keeping your nest egg under your pillow or in your safe.....
  14. I've used Krylon spray cans on metal louvered closet doors with excellent results. Make sure the surface is clean. Wipe it down with mineral spirits, let dry, then wipe again with a tack cloth. Apply light coat. Don't get too close to the surface. Recoat as per instructions on can (within 4 hours or after 24, I think). Apply second coat. My doors had an almost glasslike finish to them when I finished. Way, way better than I could ever do with brush and/or roller. And I've painted hundreds of doors in my day. It will help to practice on a hunk of cardboard prior to shooting the door to determine spray pattern and distance from surface. I'd paint it standing up. Much less chance for dust to settle on. My 2 cents.
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