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  1. Greetings: I have noticed a slight and sometimes not so slight difference in tonal balance, depending on the brand. Win (dodger)
  2. Hey Erik: Believe me, I've gone through Klipsch bashing. It all depends on your taste, your own hearing curve and the music you are listening to. Though I am a die hard Heritage fan, we all ARE entitled to our own opinion... no rain, just my own opinion. Glad to read you. Thanks, W.G., Wendy and Janis for watching over me. Win (dodger)
  3. Greetings: As a McIntosh man in Mac Country, Congratulations. You may also call McIntosh parts and get a manual from the Company. Good Luck, Win (dodger)
  4. Greetings: Dodger is revived thanks to Amy - so I'm baaaaaaaaaaack![*][au] Win
  5. Greetings: Dodger is revived thanks to Amy - so I'm baaaaaaaaaaack![*][au] Win
  6. Hey guys, It's Amy, posting as dodger... but I thought seeing his name would get everyone's attention [] Win spoke with our customer service just a few minutes ago, and wanted us to pass along to all his friends here: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ---dodger Win" Hopefully he'll be able to join us again very soon!!!
  7. I do hope that this cable was not designed by the ones who came up with the repairs to the Shuttle. I can see trannys glowing now.
  8. The plots, improvements and gains are all within the curiousity of the potential buyer. The more you believe that the difference will be dramatic, the better it sounds and the higher the price. All one has to do is get 8 gauge wire, wrap it in plastic, put it in a deep freeze, with the ends of course. Leave for 96 hours then bring to room temperature. Beverage is of your choice - a bottle of Dom due to savings. There are some cords on equipment - vintage and new, that are not the proper gauge or have been bent to the point of almost breaking. Replacing the Power Cord with a slightly heavier gauge may help and may explain some of the improvements that are heard by listeners. But that amount of money is obscene. dodger
  9. I received a link via an email. Even with webtv, it works. Now, is it a true improvement or a psychological? It appears, to my eyes, to be genuine. dodger
  10. ---------------- On 7/19/2005 8:54:14 AM wstrickland1 wrote: Liebert ---------------- ????????? To Note: my post was not for debate but for agreement with Dragonfyr on differences. Too many think line conditioning is just stopping a surge and adding the RFI/EMI filters - which may not be enough, chokes may be needed. Perhaps a better term would be Voltage Conditioner with Surge and RFI/EMI Protection and then Surge Protection with RFI/EMI Filtering. The Panamax have proven themselves in the second category. A real question is how many actually need the Steady Voltage Conditioner. Florida, California with the power outages and rolling brownouts/blackouts - definitely. Some areas are stable and that is a luxury compared to some other items. The percent of the power drop has to be noted also when deciding.
  11. ---------------- On 7/19/2005 4:46:38 AM tripod wrote: http://www.brickwall.com/ ---------------- Brickwall takes great pains to note the prices and the fact that MOVs can wear out - no life span given. But, as Dragonfyr states they do not condition the power. They provide surge protectio, EMI/RFI filtering, but I don't see any point that notes keeping the current/voltage steady. Brownouts are a problem seldom addressed but can be fatal to Components. So as noted: Surge Protectors with no filtering, Surge Protectors with EMI/RFI Filtering, Line Conditioners which provide a stable constant current with surge protection and EMI/RFI Filtering. And also as noted: MOVs vs other forms of protection. But a question to ask is how long do MOVs last in an average fairly constant current area? And can we now separate Line Conditioners from Surge Protectors with EMI/RFI filtering ?
  12. Talk about dumping on people. The homeless should file a class action suit (pun intended.) I wonder what Victoria's Secret was or was that a load of c**p?
  13. I've used Crowns with no problems. If you want new try Ashly.
  14. A GOOD Engineer will maintain Hot and Ground Polarity from the initial build. Understanding that the left and right polarity from amp to speaker should also be hooked the same. Otherwise one cone is moving forward while the oter is moving back. Again this is a part of the reason for the polarized plugs - sequence. However there are not enough Studio Designers and Engineers that will insist on this. It's a matter of sonic purity. Some may disagree, but when putting your full reputation and skills on the line, you want evry nuance possible. If that is shown to to be so by a number of listeners, it is not diffcult to achieve either with the polarized plugs or by a three pronged grounded outlet and power cord. If the Artist(s) specify complete polarity, it should be done. If not and the Artistis(s) check, Arrogant Engineers may survive at the re-inforced sound but gain a reputation for Recording. Also, as noted before, outlets whether three pronged or grounded via the green screw will pass / fail using a simple device to check proper wirng no ground, poor ground, proper hot, etc.. Also again, a phase switch should should control one speaker. If it controls both and switches both, one side will still be out of phase, though reversed.
  15. My response was not indicated to make money. But in live sound you can, if you have good ears and a good scope, notice a change with the AC polarity. That's one of the reasons for the polarized plugs - note one. The current alternates. The easiest way to determine any effect is to check with a Master Electrician who also did Pro sound for years and also recording. Take a Reel to Reel, record an instrument, reverse the plug, list for any change. Noting a switch between an amp and a speaker, quite a number have them. Som make the mistake of reversing the left and right of BOTH speakers when switched the result still one out of phase. All one needs is to reverse one speaker.
  16. ---------------- On 7/17/2005 8:30:18 AM Daddy Dee wrote: Mark, That's interesting. I might have dreamed it. But I do have a mark indicating correct polarity on the top side of the A/C plug for my HF-81. In all seriousness, it certainly could have been another context. Would switching the A/C also change polarity? Dean, Which one is right? The one that sounds "better" of course. ---------------- In theory changing the old style A/C plugs changes polarity. That's the reason for the dedicated larger sized prong now. That also can be shown with one of the test lights you plug in to see if an outlet is wired correctly. BUT, then after the recording, you have the mixdown, Master Tape or Master CD and how they are all plugged in. Then the Power Company supplying our homes. But if followed properly, yes a change in both can be heard. It seems that most notice it in bass, but the highs can also be affected. Which is correct? As Daddy Dee said, the one that sounds better if you know the instruments.
  17. Well, my 2 cents: Tim, I'm sorry you were scammed, but glad we "met." Congratulations. My personal thanks as they made me look good: Joe - you did a great thing, no other words Terry - I have a 2120 I bought from Tom years ago, I know your work. Craig _ You're a Teddy Bear, thanks for helping Dave assemble a set of tubes and spares. Gilbert thank you, those KT-88s made their way to AudiogoN, I did more research - they were not Gold Lions. Glad you didn't get scammed. 3DZapper - thank you for your emails, I didn't acknowledge as I had a lot going, but now publicly, thanks Rick. Audible Dave - you busted your butt, kept me informed, have been great to talk to and we will again. There are probably others, this helpd to erase any image of the "Ugly American" I felt bad for Tim, I only read the emails and sent a few of my own. From one Forum Member to all: Thank You and to Tim, I hope that they exceed your expectations. Win dodger
  18. Well I collect my McIntosh, Klipsch, Old Kodak Cameras, Tubed radios - looking for one the was made in the '50s it was either an RCA or Philco - Ivory, tabletop, I think 2 band, ridged in the front where the speaker is. Any help on that would be rewarded and appreciated - working condition. Thanks, Win
  19. These probably have been in the boxes. I noticed the copyright for text and photos - could that be from the seller or a website or McIntosh. Allan, glad you're here, weren't the A-116 a little different looking ? More toward industrial? If these are the actual pictures, they'll get sniped at $3000.00 plus. No telling wives, but watch the end for a snipe. Remember the good old days when you could put a bid in and a number of times the end was lower and you won? Oh well those that can get shill bidders or others snipe. Half of the time it's now weighted against the average buyer.
  20. For what it's worth, I've seen many more of the new 275s for sale. Granted there are more available but those selling seem not to have had them long. One other note - though the new are "improved" the Gordon Gow Edition had KT-88s made by Richardson in the U.S., now I have seen Chinese or Russian tubes in them. They are still made in Binghamton. The older are still commanding and getting a higher price. Perhaps Terry can give more insighte to the reasons. I am not knocking McIntosh. dodger
  21. Indy: A great 3,000 th post. Commendations and Congratulations. Freezin': Congratulations and a good idea. dodger
  22. ---------------- On 7/6/2005 1:29:20 PM ben. wrote: Yeah, Griff! Learn to use the Behringer! Puhlease! chops, your posts speak volumes. The way to clean up 60Hz hum is not with a gate. As soon as a signal opens the gate, it's there underneath everything. And why on earth you're compressing the signal sent to sub, I've no idea, unless you're playing homemade recordings.... Griff knows his way around a studio, and speaks the truth. I have to wonder why folks get so defensive about a darn EQ. Admit there's better stuff out there, and that the Behringer is a cost compromise. Every member (myself included) taking part in this thread has a system full of cost compromises. No big deal. Griff was just offering an alternate point of reference. ---------------- Great Post, Ben. I know that I've compromised by not adding $110.00 per foot Speaker Cables. I bought my Cornwalls instead.
  23. Again, it's who pays for it. All of you have at least one valid point - going from Dean's not moving it around to Frezin's DBX to BSA's recommendations to my Ashly. Then the recommendations for moving up the ladder without going broke. I've used Behringer, DBX, Rane, Ashly, ART and many other brands for live sound and some for home. The points and opinions have been expressed. Let the buyer decide based upon what is information in this thread vs opinion and what is heard for the amount the buyer can afford. Sometimes spending $200.00 more is not within the buyer's ability. That's the ability to move up and the ability to actually learn and hear any differences. For reviews, Consumer Reports for years gave Samsung a great rating. A Tech that worked at a store selling their equipment was totally amazed by the failure rate. Some here swear by their equipment. Griff, I understand where you come from - I've seen the bias toward "Pro" in a number of things. Bottom line - let the buyer listen and decide - keep, move up or start higher. The info has been put out, no need to argue every point, unless someone can provide the better quality at a lower price for Forum Members. PMs would be great. If not, it's their system, their hearing, their money. Most are grown adults, they should be able to research and audition in an adult manner.
  24. Never heard the unit, but have a couple of newer Technics that sound nice. To try to find go to google type in Technics SA-1000 and usually you may find one. Good luck. dodger
  25. Okay, let's eliminate personal attacks. Components are the issue, not who's paid more, who has Pro that's not great and so on. Both have stated what you would do - your money, your right. I respect your opinions. BUT, let's just state our own opinion and not attack. As I stated in a paraphrased way, some brands are not for everyone, some Companies have employees that go the extra bit to put out the best that they can. Only the buyer can decide to put out more or be happy with what they have, meaning to their hearing curve, ability to have extremely sensitive hearing and Components that do what is good for them.
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