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  1. Can the wireless be paired to produce stereo sound?
  2. Hi all! I was just cruising through. Good to know you're still here! All the best, Tim.
  3. Have you been back to visit over here? We've not heard from you in long time. Bruce It's been years now. About four years ago I visited friends in San Diego. The time before that was when I visited Austin and met DWILawyer. That must have been eight or ten years already! Time flies.
  4. I don't visit the forum too much anymore. Today I did and I am very relieved that most maniacs have not left. Actually we gained a few. Keep on rocking and if the wife doesn't want big speakers in the corner, she's no good anyway! Fix her a drink and whatever. She'll understand. (She's easier to move than the horns!)
  5. Hey hey. I'd prefer if this remains an argument between persons instead of nationalities. No country is greater than the other among friends!
  6. It was a horrific experience in there. Screaming children, babbling wives, Too busy! On a Monday afternoon! I will never understand people. But... I found them and placed them under my Thorens 124. So now I need a stiff drink and some wicked jazz. Thanks all. O and they were called proppad.
  7. That was a great read! Dug into into it for a couple of hours. There are nice reviews on the net! Funny how a Dutchie learns about an Amsterdam TT manufacturer on the Klipsch forum. I learned a lot! Thanks again. Brainstorming I would be very interested how the TT would sound with the Holborne arm and a Jan Allaerts cart. http://www.holborne.ch/products/dualpivot https://www.planetofsounddistribution.com/products/p/Jan-Allaerts-MC-1-Boron-Phono-Cartridge The cart is a bit expensive..., but so is the arm...
  8. Pictures and additional info delayed. Before I was able to take some nice pics, I brought the machine to the Dutch expert on Thorens 124's to have the motor cleaned and bearings replaced by Schopper bearings. I will keep you posted. Enjoy the weekend! Tim
  9. Hooray! It's in. Pictures will follow. The arm I chose is a SME 2012 MK2. Indeed I remembered that the improved arm was not that improved really. So now the search narrows. What I've learned a good match is either the Denon 102R or an Audio Technica. I want to go MC here. I've heard the latter and was very impressed. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Tim.
  10. Thanks Thebes! It's been quiet here lately hasn't it?
  11. Dear forum members. I have the possibility to acquire a Thorens 124 MK2 in pristine condition. I have a choice of arms to go with it: SME 3012 arm, 3009r, 3009 serie 2, 3009 improved. Which one should I choose? Please elaborate. I would like to have as much info as possible. While you're at it, please recommend a fitting cartridge, although I am not in the market for a big Ortofon SPU. Thanks all! Tim
  12. Greetings from across the pond!
  13. Congratulations! Hard to find a deal like that here in the Netherlands...
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