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  1. Hi all! I was just cruising through. Good to know you're still here! All the best, Tim.
  2. Have you been back to visit over here? We've not heard from you in long time. Bruce It's been years now. About four years ago I visited friends in San Diego. The time before that was when I visited Austin and met DWILawyer. That must have been eight or ten years already! Time flies.
  3. I don't visit the forum too much anymore. Today I did and I am very relieved that most maniacs have not left. Actually we gained a few. Keep on rocking and if the wife doesn't want big speakers in the corner, she's no good anyway! Fix her a drink and whatever. She'll understand. (She's easier to move than the horns!)
  4. Hey hey. I'd prefer if this remains an argument between persons instead of nationalities. No country is greater than the other among friends!
  5. It was a horrific experience in there. Screaming children, babbling wives, Too busy! On a Monday afternoon! I will never understand people. But... I found them and placed them under my Thorens 124. So now I need a stiff drink and some wicked jazz. Thanks all. O and they were called proppad.
  6. That was a great read! Dug into into it for a couple of hours. There are nice reviews on the net! Funny how a Dutchie learns about an Amsterdam TT manufacturer on the Klipsch forum. I learned a lot! Thanks again. Brainstorming I would be very interested how the TT would sound with the Holborne arm and a Jan Allaerts cart. http://www.holborne.ch/products/dualpivot https://www.planetofsounddistribution.com/products/p/Jan-Allaerts-MC-1-Boron-Phono-Cartridge The cart is a bit expensive..., but so is the arm...
  7. Pictures and additional info delayed. Before I was able to take some nice pics, I brought the machine to the Dutch expert on Thorens 124's to have the motor cleaned and bearings replaced by Schopper bearings. I will keep you posted. Enjoy the weekend! Tim
  8. Hooray! It's in. Pictures will follow. The arm I chose is a SME 2012 MK2. Indeed I remembered that the improved arm was not that improved really. So now the search narrows. What I've learned a good match is either the Denon 102R or an Audio Technica. I want to go MC here. I've heard the latter and was very impressed. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Tim.
  9. Thanks Thebes! It's been quiet here lately hasn't it?
  10. Dear forum members. I have the possibility to acquire a Thorens 124 MK2 in pristine condition. I have a choice of arms to go with it: SME 3012 arm, 3009r, 3009 serie 2, 3009 improved. Which one should I choose? Please elaborate. I would like to have as much info as possible. While you're at it, please recommend a fitting cartridge, although I am not in the market for a big Ortofon SPU. Thanks all! Tim
  11. Congratulations! Hard to find a deal like that here in the Netherlands...
  12. Very pretty indeed. Thanks for he pictures.
  13. 3. Husker Du. Still don't know what it means. And it's missing the ". How do you type that? 2. The Velvet Underground. Well isn't that a nice underground for shiny boots of leather? 1. The Band. Worse names for a band. Anything with the word The in front of what kind of critters they are supposed to be. The Beatles, well ok then, just because it's spelled wrong. The Fabulous Thunderbirds, well ok then, because their music is cool and Thunderbirds are cool. The Delfonics? Hmm. The Screaming Trees? Give me a break. I prefer band names such as: Coil, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Parliament, Funkadelic, etc. The only band that deserves the right to call themselves the critters they are supposed to be are The Beach Boys. Why? Because they are the beach boys.
  14. Try posting this on the Steve Hoffmann.tv forum. O and by the way: 1. All reissues are digital, analog reissues OOP 2. Silly clothes in the beginning (Should have kept their leather suits from the Hamburg era) 3. The gadget hysteria. Toys from a rock band. That is indeed not cool and childish. (BS button)
  15. The most important cars are the ones I had the most fun in. In 1998 I was visiting friends in San Diego and for 6 months I was the proud driver of an Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible. It geve me a lot of fun and sunburn. At that time gas was so cheap in the US I would have paid the same for gas if I was a driving the littlest economy car available in Holland. I think at that time gas was 4x more expensive over here! The other cars I had the most fun in were campers. The fun was in the restoring, the traveling and the 'resting'. So the list is, in alphabetical order: Renault Estafette Volkswagen T2 Renault Estafette Greetings, Tim
  16. Probably indeed because some are still available and so many great titles have come out by MM, but also by for instance Mofi, etc. And that in all genres. I'm sure in a few years time they will double and triple in value. If possible I would stock up on these to keep or sell later.
  17. I have not been posting much lately, but by posting this want to point out that I have not forgotten you all. I have been a member for many years. In those years a lot has happened as it does in a life. I am glad you were a part of that and I that I was and still am a part of this community. I was helped out many times. For the old members; remember the MC30's scam I stepped into? Thanks to a bunch of Klipsch Comrades, you know who you are, I did get beautiful MC30's in the end. After that tubes, Scott 272, Mapletree Audio, Heresy's, records, a cd, two networks I still haven't installed and thanked the maker for, and best of all: laughter, friendship, grief and sadness and useful information, all shared here on the forum. So, here's cheers to all of us from my traveling friends, Molly & Dolly (the VW campers), and me! My John Deere clothing by Audionectar...
  18. Sorry about that... Can't figure out how to use space and enter on an apple on this board. I hope that will change next week?
  19. This will get me in a mood of agressive rage, only antidote is something like Highway to Hell or some of White Light's insanity to calm me down again... "Nine Million Bicycles" There are nine million bicycles in Beijing That's a fact, It's a thing we can't deny Like the fact that I will love you till I die. We are twelve billion light years from the edge, That's a guess, No-one can ever say it's true But I know that I will always be with you. I'm warmed by the fire of your love everyday So don't call me a liar, Just believe everything that I say There are six BILLION people in the world More or less and it makes me feel quite small But you're the one I love the most of all [iNTERLUDE] We're high on the wire With the world in our sight And I'll never tire, Of the love that you give me every night There are nine million bicycles in Beijing That's a Fact, it's a thing we can't deny Like the fact that I will love you till I die And there are nine million bicycles in Beijing And you know that I will love you till I die! And BTW there are more bicycles in Amsterdam, but who gives a flying donkey!?
  20. Sorry, off topic, but the thread title gave me a chuckle. I sometimes do the "famous last words game" with friends (usually with beer around). You just have to come up with a profession and his last words... This one was for the electrotechnician. Thebes avatar picture came to mind...
  21. Time flies and good times we had... Hang on... I just noticed I am two months short of my 10 year membership! Wow...
  22. Ouch, it's sunday morning over here... Great pics!
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