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  1. I was wondering if you guys knew of any home theatre stores around the tampa bay area. Near USF would be preffered. Thanks guys.
  2. Nice I say you reward her with your TUBE amp. Man that was cheasy of me.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will definetely look into upgrading the reciever. I was looking at going to seperates, but my one concern is that I won't hear the difference. [] I guess I just need to go our and listen. The Heritage line would be awesome, but the WAF I know would not go for the looks. RF7's are already a big sell. But out of curiousity what speakers would you buy outside of the klipsch family and consider that an upgrade?
  4. So I have this system for a couple of years now, and was wondering what you guys considered was a worthwhile upgrade from this system(RF7/RC7/RS7). All suggestions klipsch or non klipsch are welcomed. Basically those of you with this setup, what would you upgrade to?
  5. Theears...noooo you can't change the little green elf avatar. It defined you. We want the elf, we want the elf. Made you seem almost magical[]
  6. Forever. I've been wanting my amp to die so that way I would have a great excuse to buy a new one. Juice has been spilled in it, and the bastard still lives.
  7. yikes that site looks shady as hell. Whenever I see that hand shaking pic I get worried. Ya that HS 20 price is a killer price. I highly doubt that this place is legit.
  8. My girlfriend is giving me this present, but otherwise great idea!!!
  9. So I am about to turn 24 and have a budget of $200-$300 to spend on a gift, but I don't know what. I went to the mall and didn't find crap. I am open to suggestions fellas. Thanks
  10. yikes!!!! I have it plugged in right now. Looks like I just can't leave it like this. Now you got me all worried. I am going to try to give it a more thorough cleaning with alcohol. Just curious, if anyone knows why it wouldn't work last night, and it works today? Is there some built in safety delay?
  11. Woo Hoo...sort of. Looks like time heals all. Today just for the hell of it, I tried turning it on again and walla. It's alive!!!. Its a little quirky though. It turned off again after about 5 minutes, but I was able to quickly turn it on again. Then for some reason it went into headphone mode, though no headphones were plugged in. Looks like if it doesn't recover I may just trash it and go for separates.
  12. Well I've done it now...While watching TV in my bedroom I spilled some juice on my reciever. The HTR-5280 has some slots on the top to vent and I watched the juice rush into the slots like a river. The receiver was on at the time it happened, and about a second after the juice rushed into the slots it turned off. Now it won't come on. I am hoping that there is a simple fix. I have opened it up and dried it off as best as I could, but since it was so hot due to being on, it was pretty much dry. Can someone with some tech experience please help with what the fix could be. The bottom link has some pictures of all the guts. Picture 1211 is a close up of where most of the juice spilled. Picture 1210 is a where the power cord connects to. http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287912867
  13. RS3's come in a wood veneer?
  14. Ya..I had the RF3's and I went straight to the 7's. I would also skip the 5's cuz somewhere down the line you will start wondering about the 7's.
  15. I just went throught the antenna fiasco and found that the best antenna were the cheapo radio shack ones. Well at least for indoors that is. I tried the expensive amplified ones, and the Zenith silver sensor, but no dice. I live in an apartment and couldn't use an outdoor antenna, but the best combo I found was a double bow tie for UHF and the rabbit ears for VHF. Actually I only needed the rabbit ears for ABC, the rest came in fine with the bow tie. I then got the $5 combo thing to connect both antennas and perfect.
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