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  1. On 12/18/2020 at 6:32 PM, dtel said:

    Well since the bags out of the cat, yes I have seen him.

    He came for a week and helped me, or I helped him depending on where you were standing when it happened. It almost killed us but he survived and I think I did also.


    It was fun in a weightlifting kind of way, like he said "not bad for two 62 year old's".


    He is doing well, probably a little sore but just fine other than that. The help was really appreciated to say the least.


    Since the bags out of the cat......

    shop (4).jpeg



    That was about the most fun two guys could have aside from re-building Klipsch speakers. We go way back, Elden helped me by picking up a pair of LSI-BG splits about a hundred years ago and used them until I could get pony express to bring them up here. That's what started the whole madness with him. We've visited each others homes several times, they're our home base when we go down to NOLA for a cruise, and we've been on several ( I can't even count) cruises together. Always good times with a Klipsch brother. I was happy to help out his building project. I tanked out after four days of humping steel, but we got him a good head start on the project. Just wait until the MWM/LS HF system is installed ! whoo boy is that gonna be a jamming shop! 


    Michael Colter 

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  2. Hi guys, been ages since I've been on here. Union stagehand/audio guy now, totally without gigs for 9 months now. Anyway, thanks for the love! 


    yer buddy,

    Michael Colter 


    ps it'll be interesting to see if I have a signature after this, I totally forget. 

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  3. On August 16, 2018 at 10:34 AM, rockhound said:

    Ok I picked up a set of KI-262's awhile back from a fellow forum member and want to add pole sockets to them for my sons PA project. I found an old post from @colterphoto1 that had some instructions for doing this. I would like to hear from those that have installed these on speakers that did not come with them for any tips/tricks. I did my usual searches hoping to find a you tube video with no success. I will be installing cups on both the 262's and some 480's I'll be getting at a later date. Anyway all help is greatly appreciated.


    Old post from colter........

    If you'd like to add a Pole mount socket to ANY speaker cabinet (make sure the mount will support the speaker's weight), here's an easy way to determine the center. Take a dowel rod (broom handle will work, put on a flat surface and balance the speaker on it, mark the point where the dowel touches the cabinet's bottom. Do likewise in the other direction. Flip speaker over, connect the lines - there is your center of gravity for mounting the pole socket so that weight will be evenly distributed.

    I like to use the metal cups from Parts Express. There are two standard sizes, 1 3/8 and 1 1/2, some stands come with an adapter and I try to use the larger size when possible, but make sure they mate up ok to your intended stands. I like to drill a hole exactly the size of the cup so it is supported by the 3/4 ply somewhat. DO NOT USE WOOD SCREWS they might pull out. Instead drill holes and use #10 flat head machine screws, flat and lock washers or nylon locking nuts on the inside of the cabinet.


    Another tip. Consider time alignment if you can, that would be with the voice coils aligned in a vertical plane. Another consideration when mounting pole cup to the top of a subwoofer cabinet is - will the plywood hold the weight of the pole/speaker combo without flexation? If possible, you might look into putting an internal vertical brace near the mount to help spread the weight through the cabinet to the bottom as well. 

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  4. On July 16, 2018 at 8:42 AM, JustAuBy said:

    Are the crown amps included with the Jub cabs?

     Offering at $600 for the PAIR of amplifiers already set up for the Jubilees. 


    TOTAL PRICE JUBILEE SETUP standard Jube bins, BIG 402 horns, K69a drivers AND two Crown Xti2000 amps $5400.  These are Indianapolis.


    I have shipping boxes and ability to get them to a freight dock if that's really what it takes. ALL SHIPPING AND INSURANCE WILL BE BUYER"S RESPONSIBILITY. You get the quote, you do the paperwork etc. Zip here is 46220. 


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  5. 6 hours ago, Brac said:


    So now that I have working parts on the bench, I gotta ask.  I used a single 1/4 mono to drive one speaker, but it has 2 1/4" mono inputs that are parallel.  when would you want to parallel

    your inputs?

    Used for jumpering to another speaker generally. Lots of guys changed the input connector type because the dual banana, although a great deal of contact surface area, is the most brittle, breakable connector for pro use. Others I've seen are XLR, Cannon, but the most modern of all to utilize ( and I've changed most of my pro stuff to this) is the Neutrik NL4 or Speakon connector. 


  6. $1600 for all 6 cabinets. 2 - dual 18 KP600SW with 4 NIB woofers, 2 KP600LF with working Klipsch woofers, 2 KP600HF with all working proper drivers, one of the K41 10" is reconed, 600HeresyRB5small-1404.jpg.eac232bb1c1d1c8841c2c8d210eb736f.jpgmany of the hf tweeters have NEW diaphragms installed by myself. These were rescued from a barn in FL along with my current MCM stacks ( not for sale), and somewhat refurbished by me. I have done initial bondo work and to my eye they are nearly ready for paint and final assembly. As I'm in the Stagehands union now I work with enormous shows and no longer on the bar band business so haven't had a need to finish this project but these massive babies can be YOURS!   Folks I have over $1,000 just in the new 4x18" alone so this really is a deal. There is an older thread from a Pilgrimage many years ago when I'd just gotten these shipped up to Indy ( Imagine Jim Hunter's face when a semi carrying both sets arrived at Klipsch Headquarters!), and Doc brought his little test rig and we ran curves on one stack out here and was amazed at the sound. Anyone who's heard these played at Pilgrimages will attest to the power and clarity of a fully functional set of KP600. Available in Indianapolis. 


















  7. ... This was a lifetime ago. In late 2008 after this Pilgrimage I built my workshop to house this crazy hobby, a trailer for hauling speakers, and a boat. The shop was my 50th birthday present to myself. I'm now nearly 60! 


    The boat has been sold to a friend, the MCM1900 stacks are still in regular operation, and I'm in my third year of Apprentice training and 'B' list money-making for our local Stagehand's Union IATSE #30. I work the BIG shows at Banker's Life Arena, Lucas Oil Stadium, corporate gigs at our Indiana Convention Center and the like. Semi truck loads of sound and lighting, like a typical rock show will be 20-25 trailers full of gear. I have no use for the KP 600's so they're being sold on another thread over at Garage sale. Still I value all I have learned through this Klipsch forum, tinkering with the loudspeakers over the years, and my oh-so-brief tenure with the company itself here in Indianapolis. Mostly I love to relive some great times with all you crazy guys over the years. This thread really took me back, we used to have such fun listening to music together and just hanging out. What a great time that was in 2008! 

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  8. 16 hours ago, Brac said:

    So, just got back into messing with these, and I'm at a total loss.  The pics of the split cups CECAA850 posted have 2 pairs of wires coming off the cup/backplate. These that I have (could certainly be messed up) have 4 pairs of wires coming off.  Anyone have a full schematic for LS splits?  


    A couple other things I've noticed which may be a clue. The networks I have are "AA" there is no "s" stamp so could the extra wires be solving something? 


    In this pic, I was trying to place wires where they go,  and things are obviously not right.  I feel like the tweet and squak should attach direct to the XO, which would then leave bass and input from the cup. 








    I don't think so, because both networks would have an output to Woofer, only on the splits you send it back to the second set of 5-way posts instead of directly to the woofer itself.  Where it gets tricky is the separate fuse for the woofer section. Follow the signal path grasshopper. 

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  9. I've reworked several sets of split LSI and recall it being somewhat complicated. Not only getting inside the box, as the order of disassembly is a bit tricky at first, but that network and wiring. I did a couple messed up at one time as I recall. Take your time and approach it with a clear head is my best advice. I got new fuse holders and 5-way posts from Parts Express and rebuilt them to identical to factory. Never seen any speaker manufacturer than Klipsch rely on fuses for speaker protection but feel strongly about keeping things original as I never used mine for pro live sound, just back yard stuff like most of us. 


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  10. On July 12, 2018 at 5:05 PM, JustAuBy said:

    If someone is interested in the 402 tops, i would be interested in the jub cabs and amps.  



    You two guys are both relatively close and between you could make this happen!  I'd want to sell them simultaneously if I split up the Jubilees though so work it out between you and let me know. Let's do this!  

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  11. $4800 for the Jubilees complete set with cartons. Come and get em. 


    I'm asking $1600 for the KP600 set, keep in mind that I have 4 new K49 woofers NIB with them, worth over $1,000 on their own. 


    Khorns need to do some listening and research. 

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  12. 14 hours ago, Dave A said:

    Hi Micheal,

      Great shop stereo and that is what I am using now too.  $ ?? or is it all free for pickup since no prices are mentioned?



    Just a blurb to get you guys salivating a bit. Hit me up or photos/prices to follow shortly. 

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