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Found 6 results

  1. I need advice. Right now I have the opportunity to upgrade my speakers, probably for the last time in this life. The room is 19' wide, 16' deep. I have been lusting after the Cornwall IV, but the room also has to function as a 5.1 system. The budget is ~ 10-12k. Assuming the Cornwalls in front, what is best for center, sub, and surround speakers? My current thinking is to use two Heresy IV's for the surrounds, two VTF-3 MK5 HP subs, and God knows what for the center. The center speaker has to fit on the shelf under the TV, so the Heresy won't work there. Currently the only other components in the system are a Yamaha RX3070 receiver and an Oppo UDP-205. The Yamaha may be replaced with tubes in the future - depending on how it all sounds. This system is for music. Music is first, movies and TV are secondary. However, the surrounds MUST be able to handle things like the 5.1 Blu-Ray Audio Beatles, XTC, etc. For example, I'm thinking about the Blu-Ray Audio surround version of Abbey Road in the beginning of 'Come Together', which has heavy bass and percussion in the rear speakers. Also, the once superfluous center channel gets used as a real speaker (usually for vocals) in many of these mixes. Ridiculous but true. I welcome your thoughts.
  2. Hello, I recently bought 63's and I am looking for the right amp to run them. I am currently running them with a somewhat cheap pionner receiver. Don't have a huge budget so I will buy a used amp. What should I be looking for ? Thanks !!!!
  3. Which would you choose for 2-channel if you had a choice between Forte II's and Quartets? What's a good price for each?
  4. I'm primarily looking for 2-channel and don't crank the volume. Finesse, detail, clarity are what I'm looking for. Currently up for consideration are a pair of Forte II's for $450 vs. Tangent 5000's for $400. Which would you choose and why; what do you think are the strengths & weaknesses of each pair? Would you choose differently if these were for home theater instead of 2-channel?
  5. There's a pair of Classic RF-7 speakers for sale in my area, with factory-upgraded crossovers. I'm interested but not finding much info on them. Can anyone tell me: - How do Classic RF-7's compare with RF-7II's sonically? - Are Classic RF-7's better for 2-channel music or 5.1 home theater? What types of music or movies are they best suited for? (my AVR is a Yamaha A-3000, my 2-channel amps are Odyssey Stratos Monos) - When would you choose La Scala's over Classic RF-7's or RF-7II's? Thanks in advance for enabling my latest obsession...
  6. We have just launched our new Klipsch blog at http://www.klipsch.com/blog! The aim of the blog is to highlight some of the things we are passionate about, and hopefully educate customers, new and not-so-new. We have lots of exciting content coming up, and Alex will be doing his best hype-man impression, hyping the new blog everywhere soon, but since the forum peeps are so awesome, you get to be among the first to hear about it. One of Amy's last heroic deeds @ Klipsch was to author several initial blog posts for the new blog. One of them is about turntables and listening to music on vinyl - http://www.klipsch.com/blog/anatomy-of-a-record-player. Feel free to comment on this or any of the other posts on the blog, and bookmark http://www.klipsch.com/blog!
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