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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All I am looking for an integrated amplifier for my Forte IIIs. It will be very helpful for me if any of the members here is using Luxman with Klipsch and could guide me. I have no way to demo Luxman near me so I have to rely on feedback and user experience. What I am looking for is laid back, warm and dynamic output at low volumes. My music taste is old western classical, jazz/rock, country songs. I am torn between Luxman Class A, A/B and tubes. I am bit reluctant to go with tube amp because I never had any tube amp and I am bit scared of its delicate nature, maintenance and itch of tube rolling. I know most people recommend tube amps with Klipsch. Is this the consensus here? What about Luxman as a brand overall? I heard heating issues with Class A amp in general. I do not have air conditioning in my listening room and summers here are as hot as 40+ deg Hope to hear something from experienced guys over here and help me choose the right equipment. Thanks Vivek
  2. Asking $995 with Free Shipping. The original Aleph sold for $3,000 and is out of production. Modified from the original design by Nelson Pass, this is the best sounding amplifier I've ever owned for Horn Based Speakers like Klipsch. Being a Single Ended Class A design, it will easily drive Khorns, LaScalas, Cornwalls, Heresy's, Chorus, and Forte speakers to ear splitting levels without clipping. It has double the output devices of the original (easy to do with MOSFETS). It's EXTREMELY revealing from top to bottom. Deep, tight bass, and Crystalline/delicate high end, but incredible midrange detail especially on female vocals like Diana Krall's. The original design was rated at 30 Watts per channel, this one is 40 Watts per channel because of double the output transistors and lower source impedance. It's front end impedance easily accommodates a Tube Pre-Amp for those who like tube sound. This is the closest you will get to tubes with SS. PM me here or eMail claudej1@aol.com. For serious buyers, I'll provide my phone number if you want to have a conversation about it.
  3. So I got the audion sterling 12w class a amp I had posted about a few days ago. All I can say is holys$#@! We had two other couples over for new years last night. Among the crowd there were a couple of real skeptics in the room concerning that there would be a significant audible difference between the new little tube amp and my ss adcom gfa 2535 amp. So we started with the ss amp for an hour or so letting everyone get a taste of the cornwalls II, which are relatively new to my home. We then plugged in the tube amp and A/B'd the amps with a couple of tracks. My wife, the biggest skeptic in the room, couldn't believe the difference. Everyone present was pretty astonished. When we first switched from the tubes back to the ss adcom everyone looked at one another and asked what happened? whered the music go? This is what we were first listening to?? The ss got yanked real quick. Long story short Im psyched about the purchase! This is my first tube amp and I have no regrets.
  4. Hi All I have an opportunity to pick up a audion sterling amp. Im curious if anyone here might have any insight, knowledge or experience with this amp. I auditioned it and thought it sounded really really nice. Its not a brand I am familiar with,though I have found a few good reviews for it. I'd be interested in hearing if any of you are familiar with audion. This would be my first tube amp. I'll be running it to a pair of cornwall II's with a emotiva umc- 1 in front of it. I listen almost exclusively through airplay/apple tv I stream a lot through MOG. Im curious if there will be noticeable improvement with tubes given my current set up. At some point Ill add a good cd player and maybe a turntable. For now though its hard to beat the ease and economy of this set up. Thanks in advance for your reply
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