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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to Klipsch forums and to Klipsch. I need some of your collective knowledge. So, I found these massive speakers in a second-hand store a few weeks ago for $150. No badges or identifying info and I had no idea what they were. The build quality looked really good. I tried to do an image search on my phone at the store but I was in a dead zone. I've dabbled in speakers casually and recognized that I should just buy them now and figure out later what I'd bought. After I got them home and did the photo search again, some Klipsch Cornwall's came up in the results (With a hefty price tag showing) and I was VERY pleased with my score. I made sure my wife knew what they were worth to help her tolerate them and me. Well, that was a tiny picture of the Cornwall's on my phone and while I initially thought I'd lucked upon some super primo speakers, upon closer examination I realized mine were some kind of Cornwall cabinet replicas with Electro Voice hardware. I was a little disappointed but everything looks quality but I know ziltch about EV speakers and where they land in the speaker caste system. I hope they're still a good find. Not telling my wife either way. I hooked them up for a test drive and all the components worked on both speakers and matched each other in output levels and tone. The sound was mid-range heavy to my ear. The horns and tweeters seemed a bit subdued and the 15" drivers put out some gut-solid thuds and volume but still seemed light on bass IMO. I opened one up to find the Electro Voice components and found that there was a tone control knob inside! It was turned all the way down to 'Cardboard'. I turned it up and got my horns and tweeters back in the mix. Sound was greatly improved by that. More like what I was expecting but still not enough bass though. -Room placement to be figured out later to see if that helps and maybe tuning the ports from what I've read on other posts here. Here's the stuff: EV T35 Tweeters EV 1823M Horns EV 15" Woofers, EVM-15B EV X36 3500hz 8 OHM Crossovers EV X8 800hz Crossovers I've since dollied them out to my garage for a refresh on the dried out cabinet finish. I applied three coats of tongue oil (sanded in between) and managed to get some life and depth out of the birch veneer ply. I also decided to add the missing cabinet bases, which I built to Cornwall I dimensions. They turned out nicely I think. I don't have a picture of the speaker grill and fabric at the moment but the builder of these speakers intentionally made the grill short, leaving the bottom ports of the cab fully exposed and it looks pretty great! Anyway, I'll be bringing them back into my living room for a longer test drive and see If they'll work out in my space and ears... and wife. Good find or Ehh?
  2. Great-looking cabinets but the driver combination is a bit unusual. Any thoughts? https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/ele/6122184764.html No affiliation.
  3. A bunch of junk with some golden nuggets including EV 1824 drivers and horns in Sherbrooke Quebec http://www.kijiji.ca/v-electronique/sherbrooke-qc/a-vendre-tout-le-kit-pas-separement-pas-negociable/1141570861 Fisher 180 http://www.kijiji.ca/v-electronique/sherbrooke-qc/amplificateur-fisher-180/1141722458 Tangent 500 near Toronto http://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/city-of-toronto/klipsch-tower-speaker/1141325471 Remember these are Canadian Dollars! 35% discount on US dollar!
  4. Good Afternoon, Edited this classified. Up for sale are two EV speakers, one Georgian and One Patrician. Included, I have a Harmon Kardon 430 Two Way Receiver. I have only moved the speakers around to get some better photos, so please reach out and I will send if interested. Units are heavily used, no major damage, but will take some refurbishing to bring back to new condition. There are zero major gouges in the factory cabinets, just heavy use. Knobs are worn, will need replacing. I just tested the units and everything (including receiver) are in perfect working order, and sound amazing!! (have video if needed!), I am selling them as is, with the receiver included. I am looking to get $4000 for everything, but am open to good offers. These units are located in Pittsford, NY, zip 14534, and would need to be picked up, as shipping is darn near impossible (however if buyer wants to set this up I can handle getting them ready) Thank you!
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