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  1. physical size of caps

    caps will vary depending on voltage: For double the voltage breakdown you need 2x the plate separation for the same volts/meter. Dielectric constant: if the material is 2x the Er then you get 1/2 the plate separation. Equivalent series R: related to plate conductance and different choice of dielectric. Will really all depend on the construction and materials used and specs desired
  2. Original Forte

    Hope you got them! its been a few days!
  3. Went to the Montreal Audio show last night specifically to listen to what Klipsch had there. They had a pair of ForteIIs! Just wow! Very well balanced, gorgeous cabinet. Perfect imaging. (and that is what I went for) The only thing was that considering the size and market share of the company, they could have had a bigger room with more wow factor to really show them off, considering they where the cheapest of the lot that I liked.. The local shop is not that big. The other makes that struck me in a positive way where the Yamaha NS5000s, $20,000 Paridigm Persona $30,000 and Muraudio $14000(made in Ottawa!) electrostatics. Source material makes a huge impact though, maybe other demos where just not my type of music. Lots of $5000 power cables too! Oh boy. try getting into a conversation with the reps on those types of products.. Lots of BS and real anger when you ask good questions. The same sort of response when you ask CAM people about reiki and homeopathy... its all woo.. and lots of Quantum Energy Fields!
  4. 12volt amplifier for la scala vintage

    a good car audio amp will do . Most today are digital. You can get used ones on most local classfied pretty cheap. Pioneer, Alpine, rockford fosgate are good makes. There are many. You will have to connect to car ground and battery with hefty wire.. 8 gauge minimum. Depending on the use, like many said, they are very efficient you only need a few watts. what about a 12 to 120 v inverter and a normal amp/receiver? Or just use a car am/fm head unit.. also for sale used cheap.. most will put out 25wpc x 4 peak a good 15 watts pc clean.
  5. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    To everyone, and to Jerry (TFR1) in particular. Please accept my apologies for my overzealous reply. Sorry Guys. My bad.
  6. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    but I don't want to be friends nor influence you. Like you implied, you are not my friend, just someone that follows forums, so I don't believe anything you say! I presume then you also don't believe anything I say. It's all lies and made up anyway, nothing real, nothing true. Why is everyone upset? Or maybe you did take something I said a bit to personally? Maybe I also took this a bit too personally and went overboard? Like wow! this internet stuff works! People listen, get emotionally involved, What I say affects people! And its all totally unregulated! Hmm Maybe there is a problem here? Maybe we should not allow secret paid for adds and agitators because the unpaid ones like me are bad enough!
  7. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    I don't believe anything you say have you disconnected your airbag yet?
  8. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    your argument #1 is what is known as a false dichotomy... Like if we evolved from monkeys why are there still monkeys. Life is not just about either or. You are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You complain but don't offer a solution, just expect others to do so. That is also being intellectually lazy. So you want less government? Such as repealing regulations implemented by Obama to prevent another oil spill disaster like the Deepwater Horizon. Trump repealed that law! Yay! Let's hope it will happen again so we can have a movie sequel! That's a great victory for the libertarians like you that are all hot air but never seem to take their ideas to any logical conclusion.. So you are saying that companies should be left alone, to continue doing the shit that caused the disaster? Please do provide other regulations that you wish to repeal! How about parts of the building code that improve earthquake resistance in California. Or regulations on proper food processing! Can you spell Listeria and E coli? What about FDA regulations. Did you know that it took the Dalkon shield to kill 4 women and send 8000 to the hospital for the FDA to implement clinical testing for medical devices? Maybe you haven't been around to remember that disaster. You want to repeal that too? Implement a "laisser-faire until people drop dead ideaology"? This will be fun! Why don't you begin by disconnecting your air bag and not using seatbelts. Your kids too. #2 is irrelevant to the discussion. I never brought up clickbait. That is pretty obvious. #3 So by that you are also implying that contributors to this forum, are not friend, are just like followers that we should not believe anything any one says? I will be the first one to not believe anything you say!
  9. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    you mean something like this post? this is the post that prompted me to write this one. The language is way to over the top. Not implying but sure sounds like it..
  10. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    yes it does apply to government as lobbyists have to register themselves as such and political donations have to be visible as well. Would you support removing those regulations so anyone, any company, any foreign government can donate to politicians without having to disclose it? We already know that foreign governments are using social media. But lets not go there today.. lets keep the talk to fake people lying to you to sell things. Yep that ok! as for "more government" I am more than willing to discuss the merits of a particular legislation but simple statements like that do nothing to further the subject. Just a libertarian meme.
  11. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    some good reading... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/stealth-marketing-practice-dilemma-sarunya-bell-aroonsirichoke/
  12. Stealth Marketing on Forums and Social Media???

    It is a matter of truth and trust. When "friends" on social media or on forums like this are paid to push product but are too dishonest to tell you. I realize that many of you don't like more regulation. Are you saying you are OK with this? What is your solution? Voluntary disclosure? Sure that will work! Why do we accept the existence of an entire advertising media that relies on hiding who is advertising to you? There is something basically wrong and dishonest with this. In the long run I believe it will back fire as no body will believe anything they see online anymore.
  13. Autotransformer ID using mH/ohm values?

    You could use any of the many PC softwares that have an audio generator and output that to your amp. Most modern DMMs will read AC RMS to at least the 1Khz range. You dont even need "true rms" because you are measuring sinewaves but I digress..
  14. Excellent video on fourier transform

    That was fun! They should do one on the discrete fourrier transform.. and show us how sampling and nyquist work!
  15. "Automotive" subs vs. home audio subs

    I don't think we need to get into us vs them. I love both. I used to own an consumer electronics shop and sold HT, Audio, and Car audio. The reps loved both too. For most sound quality installations auto subs are pretty similar to home subs. Max excursion. Fr, Vas etc. The car subs are tuned to higher F due to small car gain vs home theatre. Because of higher tuning, Q may also be different. One sub by Infinity actually has various inserts to change the Q. For home use, we do know that different subs have different qualities aimed at HT or audiophile. Same things for car audio. Quality vs high output. For SPL of course they will use higher order bandpass designs. Maybe not so good for Sound Quality. Competition subs will be different with massive Xmax and magnets, VC for mega power handling etc. In terms of electronics, you would be surprised. Older analog RockFordFosgate amps are all Haffler designs inside! My Pioneer amps are B&O ICE inside! Modern SQ systems have DSP electronic crossovers, response and time allignment compete with headset microphone not much different from HT systems. Mine is made by JBL... you know Harman Internation.. Some of the best installs use ScanSpeak Revelator bass, mids and tweets bi and triamped with eletronic Xovers. JL makes both some of the best car subwoofers as well as the FATHOM line of homes subs. They may even use the same drivers. Expensive Stuff you find on high end home speakers. HG guys. So lets not poopoo the car audio guys ok. They have a real crappy environment to work with and yet sounds will rival home systems.