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  1. I have had a Dual 510 auto shut off since late 70s and has been in operation without any maintenance off and on since.! Enjoy!
  2. cool project. I have a pair of KLF10 woofers for same. KLF 10 vs KLF 30 specs say KLF 10 has 32 -3db point. vs 36Hz for KLF 30.. Do you plan to use same box/port? This is good bass response but not exactly a sub woofer. wondering if you would want a high pass to cut power below resonance and uncontrolled woofer ?
  3. I have Heresies made by someone else over 15 years ago.. Same cabinet but braced inside and re veneered with front mounted tweet an mid.. here is a pic.. they are very pretty and sound amazing...
  4. Very pretty. I am looking at doing similar also with Heresy parts. perhaps only the standard 12 inch woofer. What Focal woofers did you use? 8inch? 10 inch? What crossover? I gather you used std Heresy Xover for the mid/high but what for the woofers? Their impedances , efficiencies? etc? You say timber matched, sure for the mids/highs but so much of our hearing is in the under 700Hz range where the woofers operate. I have 2 Eminence Alpha 8A to use. but their impedance curves are very far from the K22 that I fear using the same LF circuit./inductor. thanks
  5. The easiest would be to simply duplicate the Heresy box volume but in a longer narrower design. You could even put 2 separate motor boards. One fixed for the woofer, the other for the mid/tweet, square and rotatable to try horizontal or vertical orientation.
  6. Hello I have Heresys for L and R. and currently KLF C7 as center. What if I get another heresy and make a longer, slimmer cabinet to lay on its side. Do I put the Mid and Tweet Horizontal beside the woofer or vertical? Thanks
  7. at this point.. not many... the impedance curves for the K22 is very different than the alpha 8A I may just use the heresy as is, but a slimmer but longer cabinet... mount the Mid and Tweet horizontal (aka a vertical heresy on its side)
  8. because you would complain even more about socialism if the government tried to regulate oil prices in the US! On a related note, oil refineries buy oil on long term contracts so a short term blip normally would not affect their costs... if your gas price goes up the day after a Saudi bombing.. something called capitalism is going on.. and yes the government could regulate this.. but..... ya know.. socialism..
  9. Have you built anything? I am also looking at a Heresy 1 with 2 8 inch woofers... eminence Alpha 8A.... perhaps
  10. Revisiting this thread I have Heresy LR and KLF 7 Center. I could get a pair of beat up Heresys in order to build a center. I also have a pair of Eminence Alpha 8A 8ohms.. 4 ohms in parallel. Any Idea how those 2 would work? Would have to modify the cross over for them? Thanks
  11. there are 3 industrial LaScalas black.. for sale near montreal for $1500 canadian for the lot... on Kijiji
  12. This has been a long known mod, if not very common. I have a pair like that. but the port is in the rear. I like the sound, but never compared it to non ported.. I should try to cover the port to see. Also several of the Heresy type pro pa speakers such as KP301 have 2 ports also.
  13. There is also the Pioneer CD-635 car audio 3 way crossover.. can be woofer mid tweet or subwoofer midwoofer tweet config . you may still be able to find some I have a couple. While searching, I found this thing... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Old-School-Pioneer-Premier-Cd-1000-Electronic-Crossover/123831532202?hash=item1cd4ef3aaa:g:sxcAAOSwzFRdJnDe
  14. I just sold my KLF20s to an owner of KLF30s.. I got them 3 years ago.. sadly they just sounded dead compared to my Heresy (1) I posted this previously trying to find out if anything was wrong with them , recapped and all. Anyway. Dunno why people are raving about the KLF20s. Maybe my room acoustics.
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