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  1. efzauner

    Transformer Rust

    try posting some pictures.... or try searching the web https://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/showthread.php?t=140793 http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/a-tube-amp-restoration-walk-through.655366/ you can remove the bell ends if they are really rusty and refinish them. As for the laminates, Seems a good approach would be cleaning off with wire brush or light abrasive scrubber . Then prime with one of those rust transformer products and then rust spray paint. I would advise against rust removers as they will get into the laminates and continue corroding the steel. https://www.theruststore.com/Rust-Converter-FAQs-W48.aspx Have fun!
  2. efzauner

    Quick KG4 woofer question

    Older thread I know. . what is the impedance of each woofer? 8 ohms or more? because the KG4 spec says 6 ohms. I have KG4 crossovers and tweeters, but no woofers.. wonder if the little Eminence Alpha 8 would do the trick. I have 4 of them!
  3. efzauner

    Heresy driver differences question

    here is all the info read down and you will find link to official history
  4. efzauner

    My God this guy is making CF-4

    What about just any set of klipsch speakers that have dual woofers, and redo the front board with the mids/tweets in between? KG4, KLF10, KG 5.5 any of the RF line with dual woofers and a tweeter. does it have to be a 2 way? What about sandwiching the mid and tweet of a KLF20 or KLF30 between the 2 woofers?
  5. efzauner

    KLF 30 or Klipsch RF-7

    Wow thanks for this thread. I just sold my Fortes today and kept my KLF20s and a pair of Heresys. I had misgivings of letting the Forte's go. Thanks for the chearup!
  6. yes these are mine... all original. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/ouest-de-lile-qc/klipsch-forte/1348268886
  7. efzauner

    KnuKonceptz Speaker Wire

    I saw that too. I just don't understand where the come up with that other than their ***. Tin would theoretically increase the resistance as it is part of the outer circumference of wire. What they mean by "current jumps" is puzzling. Honest I don't know how skin effect changes between a solid conductor and stranded. Maybe the tining acts as an insulator between strands. If indeed that is the case, then it would allow the current to flow individually in each strand as opposed to the outer layer of the overal wire. But this difference would be so tiny. Theory yes, but practice, no.... it is so easy to make up this BS. It's fun. lots of "audiophiles" simply have no clue and no way of separating even remotely possible physics from total nonsense. And they get very angry when you point that out.
  8. efzauner

    KnuKonceptz Speaker Wire

    Sounds like normal wire.. when the price is right. The description is hilarious though. Can't anyone just sell speaker wire anymore? This is just as good and much cheaper https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=2747
  9. efzauner

    Basic Electronics for Audiophiles?

    May the Smith Chart be with you! Not intending to teach crossover design. but perhaps some basic L and C circtuits.
  10. efzauner

    Basic Electronics for Audiophiles?

    As an engineer I try to help explain basic electronics such as ohms law to non technically inclined or to people that wish to lean more. There are many sites that have electronics tutorials but I have not found any that relate the knowledge to what you need to know as an audio buff. Lots of examples on ohms law but very few on how to apply ohms law with basic circuit theory to do some rough calculations on speaker cables and impedance, bi-wiring, bi amping etc. or other basics as applied to audio. Trying to give people enough knowledge to differentiate snake oil from what matters. Anyone find something that is just enough for beginners in a audio context? Thanks.
  11. efzauner

    Amp/speaker switch selector

    would be interesting to see what is inside those switches. Most of us just want a switch for 2 amps and 2 or more speakers. Those switches have transformers and volume control so that the amp does not see too low an impedance load. Could you open it up for us? What is the volume control? An L pad? "just need a switch"
  12. efzauner

    Identify these Heresy. SN171y737

    there are no labels anymore. But I figure that there where not many finishes that had the end grain ply wood visible. Others would be veneer.
  13. Help in identifying these.. H1 of course but what finish? You can see the end grain of the plywood sides on the top in the photo. Sn 171y737 y implies 1983 I gather from the Heritage codes sticky. thanks
  14. And its difficult to find the good old jewel boxes. Not the thin ones, the originals. Not that they where much better, pretty much every one ends up breaking.. So I found someone selling all their old unwanted CDs.. I don;t blame em.. mainly country music... at less than what I could buy new jewel cases for... like 50 of em for 20... so I have enough to last till I go deaf.
  15. efzauner

    Sub-10 Resistor Keeps burning out

    Seems like Indigo Electronics in Canada was a major supplier of these BASH amps to many companies. I found identical schematics in Klipsch, JBL/Infinity subs and powered speakers. Trying to fix mine!