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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. Sorry for the poor English from the translator. I recently bought a Cinema 600 SE - 5.1 - Bluetooth set. A set worth recommending. However, I have a problem that, if not resolved, may result in a return to the seller (and I wouldn't want that). I like to exaggerate the bass or treble a bit. It depends on the source, when the sound quality is poorer or I listen quietly - it is worth adjusting some tones. I downloaded the Klipsch dedicated smartphone app, but it only has predefined settings (flat, movie, music, sports, etc.). I can't find even a basic equalizer, slider for low, mid, high tones. There is something like this for other Klipsch devices, but unfortunately I haven't found it for Cinema 600. How can this problem be solved? Please help.
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to use an Equalizer with my Sansui AU-717 and I'm not having much luck making a loop. I've tried a lot, but something has gone all screwy (technical term). My problem seems to be this: Whenever I decouple the preamp from the amp, I lose the source signal. When I recouple them, I lose the signal from the equalizer. I know the equalizer works because a direct signal (iPod) to the unit, and then to the Integrated Amp, got results. I'm just trying to keep the preamp on the Sansui doing the work. Part of my confusion is coming from these switches, previously screwed down by a small plastic plate. What is the difference between "direct coupled" and "capacitor coupled"?? I get that connected just means that the Preamp and Amp in the unit are connected, but the rest of has got me all turned around. I even called my very reputable electronics guy and he said he couldn't figure it out unless I lugged this sucker in. (Not unless I have to!) For reference here is a picture of the back. Note the switch in the center below the Pre-Out/Power Amp In. Thanks for any help I can get. And please hold back on the teasing.
  3. Any news about availability of equalizer settings via app for the Fives?
  4. Hi there, I am setting up my 5.1.2 home theater my equipment includes. Klipsch Front RP 280f, Center Rp504C, Surround RP402S, and SPL120 woofer. With Denon X4700h My room dimensions are 19 feetx13 feetx 9 feet. I tried to caliberate the system through Audicy but sound is not good at all. Everything is suppressed. Bass is very dull and also high frequency are not well defined. Can someone help me that what crossover should I use ? And what eq setting should I adjust
  5. Hi everyone, I am about to buy Klipsch the Sixes and was wondering if I could connect an equalizer to it. The connection would be from tv to equalizer to the speakers. Is that a possibility? The idea is to sculpt the frequencies a bit, especially the low end when watching movies. Thanks a bunch for any help.
  6. Hello All. Searched the forums but couldn't quite find what I was looking for so hopefully someone out there can point me in a good starting direction. Before getting into the details of the problem, I'm running a B&K AVR507 receiver with nothing in between. No EQ, DSP, nothing. It's a HT receiver, but I have it set up for 2 channel stereo music and no sub output turned on. I originally had RF-7s connected to the receiver and sold them a few years back. It was a financial thing and honestly, the RF-7s were so harsh they would actually give me a headache if I listened for more than 30 mins. I replaced them with a pair of Polk Rti8s. The Polks were kind of, well, average at most things. Sounded ok but muddy at times and took a lot of amp power to get the volume up. I also had to dial down the bass setting or the Polks were complete mud. Soooo, just replaced the Polks with some Klipsch Fortes which I expected to sound an awful lot like the Heresy speakers I bought way back in the day except with more bass. What I have is, well, I have no clue. As expected, it doesn't take much power to get volume, but I have the receiver bass setting maxed out and I still don't get much of any bass from the Fortes (not thinking of bass in terms of giant subs used for hip-hop/rap...just like a bass drum sounding like one). Guitar and brass sounds pretty decent, but nothing else. It's really ugly when playing rock. I'm also getting a ton of the dreaded snake hisses on lyrics starting with an "S." Crossover and tweat upgrades aside (because I'm not sure it would directly affect these issues?) I just don't get it. The radiators are in tact and woofers seem to be woofing, but the speakers sound terrible. My Fortes sound worse than stuff I've heard on the shelf at Costco. I mean really, really bad. Any ideas? Thoughts? Holy water? 5 gallons of gas and a match? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, I am clearing some stuff out. Final reduction....$30 and this includes shipping costs to lower 48! When you estimate shipping to be around $20 this piece is definitely a steal!! This EQ looks great in the dark with the lights dancing... Technics Graphic Equalizer with Spectrum Analyzer SH-8033 *****Sold as is but fully functional. PM me if interested...................... Thanks, Tim
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