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Found 6 results

  1. Merry Christmas to all first ! After swapping and testing numerous integrated tube amps (the list is long...), I finally settled for a beautiful Fisher 400. The question is now, which speakers??? LS3/5a, JR149, KEF LS50 and ATC SCM11s are receiving rave reviews but these like to be paired with powerful amps. I was wondering if one you guys are running one of this configuration. I am specially interested in the ATC SCM11s. I am also open to any other bookshelf speakers recommendations. Thank you for any feedback Fisher 400 with LS3/5a or KEF LS50 or ATC SCM11 V2 ?
  2. Fisher 400 Receiver, restored to excellent condition by none other than Mr. NOSValves. I had looked for a while to get a really nice unit to start with and then had Craig work his magic on it with a complete deluxe rebuild with a basic MPX alignment. The end result is an awesome receiver that should be good for the next 30 years. The work was done one year ago and it has served as a spare bedroom system, so it doesn't have a lot of hours on it since the restore. Why would I sell it? My stereo rooms are disappearing as we downsize; next year we'll have 3 kiddos in college - yes at the same time. The same reason my StarChiefs left the other day, and Blueberry Extreme last month. The Fisher 400 is a 65 watt FM Stereo receiver. It has enough power to rock any Klipsch speakers, and it sounds incredible. It is a cosmetically good unit. Price is $700 plus shipping. You can not buy a nice unit with case and have it restored for this. Local pickup and a nice test / listening session is welcome. I could also meet somebody on the west side of Chicago next week Wednesday / Thursday as I'll be in town for work. I live in Des Moines.
  3. Is it safe to run two sets of speakers on a Fisher 400 using a Passive Switch Box (with protection) like the one in the picture? One set of speakers would be vintage Grundig's (see photo) from the 1960's that I believe are 6 ohms. The second set of speakers would be a passive Pioneer S-W33 Subwoofer (see photo) that is 8 ohms with duel speaker inputs. If it is safe, do I run the Fisher 400 in 8 ohm or 4 ohm mode? Thanks, Mike
  4. I have a Pro-Ject RM 5.1 SE Turntable that came with the Sumiko Blue Point 2 High Output Moving Coil Cartridge. I am going to be hooking it up to The Fisher 400 Tube Receiver. Would I be better suited with a Moving Magnet Cartridge? Should I buy something like the Ortofon 2M Bronze? Will there be a noticeable difference?
  5. Without modifying the unit, is there a safe method to use a Fisher 400 just as a preamp without damaging the output transformer? I see it has a Speaker on/off switch. Does turning it to the "Speakers Off' off mode solve this issue? Please no guesses, only reply if you're 100% certain. Hope I don't sound rude, just cannot risk damaging the unit.
  6. I am new to the forum and have very little knowledge of audio equipment but am trying to piece together a quality system that will last a very long time and sound so good I won't want to change it up every year but I know that is very unlikely with this hobby. I have read so many outstanding reviews of the Heresy III that I am having trouble taking my eyes off of them. I know they are expensive and the Is and IIs can be rebuilt for much less but I don't have any experience rebuilding speakers and would rather have something I am confident will last the next 30 years. I would like to pair it with a nice tube amp but the Peachtree Audio Decco65 has caught my attention because of the new features that make streaming quality music to it very easy. I know it has one tube in it but am curious if anyone has run a pair of Heresy IIIs with this amp. It sounds promising but any feedback would be great. The Jolida FX10 also sounds like it is a solid bet but it seems they have been discontinued so would have to find a nice used one. The vintage amps are what I was originally after but these new tube amps seem to be real competitors in my mind. Can anyone give me some suggestions on tube amps that you have run with these speakers? This system will go in my office to double as a listening room so it won't be in a large room. Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.
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