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Found 5 results

  1. FS Harman Kardon HK990 Intergrated amplifier and HD990 CD $1500 For sale is my HK990 Int Amp and Matching HD990 cd player. Both of these are extremely hard to find, they might pop up twice a year on ebay. The award winning HK990 is simply a beast, understated at 150 wpc, actually benched tested at 190wpc, dual mono, XLR, Home Theater bypass, HRS-link with the HD990 Cd player, Dual sub out with room correction DSP, please check web sites for reviews and/or full specs. I haven't seen a negative review on either the Int amp or the CD player. https://www.ecoustics.com/products/harman-kardon-hk-990-integrated/ Both are in excellent shape, PM me your email and I will send as many pictures as you would like. The HD990 CD player I purchased New Old Stock November 2, 2017, it is flawless. HD990 comes with original packaging/manual and a never used remote. HK990 does not have original packaging, but has manual and original remote(shows wear/use) and comes with ezseteq mic Cross Posted on many sites/pages, If you see it here, it is still available. Asking $1500 local pick up only at this point. 60585 SW Chicago burbs, both hooked up and ready for demo with RF-7ii's with Deang Crossovers
  2. At first I didn’t know if I was remembering thing wrong, or something is missing from my system. When I was first starting out, I was reading avs forum a lot and there was a lot of talk on how Harman Kardon was a great, powerful receiver. I bought one and paired them up with my speakers. They sounded phenomenal. Long story short I had so many quality issues I had to finally switch to a different brand. I replaced it with the receiver I have now an Onkyo 805. I love that it is powerful and has great bass. The one thing I feel I am missing is the way the HK sounded. I watched Star Wads episode 3 on both and I felt like something was missing. I feel like with the HK the trumpets were so clear and it just felt like there was more of a separation of sound. Now this is what is in my memory from 10 years ago, but no matter how long I have my Onkyo 805, I never felt the same way about it. I almost feel the Onkyo is lifeless and lacks dynamics. What’s interesting is my Onkyo has Audyssey and HK has their ez set. Could it be a difference in the set up software. Audyssey sets all speakers at around -10 all around. I played around and set it back to 0 for all channels and it seemed to have more character to the sound. The last think I have to up grade is my receiver. How can I get great dynamics from the sound and feel the same way I once did. I was considering getting a Marantz 8012 because it is described as a warm sound. Would that make a difference? When I sold my speakers the guy that came over said he used to have an Onkyo and now has s Marantz and likes the sound a lot better. I heard that same comment from a few people.
  3. HK 990 Harman Kardon Integrated Amplifier for sale 220-240 50hz Amazingly powerful amplifier. Note: *****This unit is 220-240 50hz***** Some of the Features: 150wpc, benched about 190wpc Dual mono HT Bypass dual sub outs EzsetEq room correction L/R preouts XLR Balanced/unbalanced All available digital connections HK HRS link for optimal connection with HD990 cd player I can't say enough about this amplifier $1050 shipped double boxed in the US. If outside US I will have to quote a shipping cost. Local pick up will be discounted price, will meet within 45 mile radius of 60585, Plainfield IL I have not used this to it's full potential. Here is what I have used/tested on the unit: Speaker 1 Unbalanced analog All digital connections inputs including HRS link EZSETEQ Basic functions balance/tone controls. I have no reason to think any other feature on this amp doesn't function. Included in sale is remote, ezseteq mic, HK BTA Bluetooth adapter, 220-240 50hz power cable, and manual Happy to answer any questions. I have about 30 pics of this inside and out upon request. Overall condition 8/10, very nice IMO If interested I will spell out imperfections, most are not even noticeable from 3' away.https://www.stereophile.com/content/...ated-amplifierhttps://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews/...gement-part-i/
  4. muel

    SOLD: HK 930

    HK 930 SOLD I spent a lot on this one! Sent off to Terry Dewick for his "usual suspects" service. I spent the day with this yesterday and enjoyed it immensely! I had it paired with some Boston A150's I bought back in the 80's. It would have been easier to put up for sale if I hadn't listened to it!
  5. muel

    SOLD: HK 330B

    SOLD HK 330B Very clean but never serviced as far as I know. Been running it all day today... this a sweet little HK receiver that deserves a good home! $75 shipped!
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