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Found 4 results

  1. Hello i was wondering if anyone had an Original Klipsch K23K woofer for the original forte and would be interested in selling it ifso let me know please it would be greatly appreciated! any condition as long as its reparable. Thanks
  2. Selling my favorite speakers I've ever owned. Space constraints force sale, and they are not being used right now so they should go to a fellow enthusiast who would appreciate them. Never overdriven (only used with an AVR247 receiver). I've attached a writeup of the crossover rebuild by the previous owner, who is a member of this forum. Features Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms Jantzen biamp/biwire crossovers with Crites autotransformers Jantzen internal wiring Dampened driver baskets and horns Plexiglass binding post plates with biamp/biwire option New driver gaskets and cabinet sealing Condition 8/10, some minor chipping/scuffing along base but pretty good for 20+ year old floor standing speakers. Price $600 OBO (but please don't lowball) Shipping I can arrange shipping within the continental US for $200. If they don't sell in 2 weeks they're going on ebay. merged.pdf
  3. https://pensacola.craigslist.org/ele/5787798035.html Not affiliated - this is over in Crestview FL.
  4. Hi all. Some time ago I joined your great forum with many questions about how to set up my first surround sound system. I had an Yamaha stereo amp and two Klipsch Forte's (purchased new about 30 yrs ago). I was using your knowledge to figure out how this stuff worked and what speakers were best to go with. After many posts and responses from you I came up with a plan and then due to some forced travel and several delays the implementation was slow but the initial system is operational and exceeds my expectations. One of my primary goals (besides wanting a new larger TV) was to improve the dialogue in TV shows, movies, etc. I am hard of hearing and use hearing aids and it was getting more and more difficult to hear dialogue -- esp the way they mix sound today. So based on a lot of advice from many of you I decided to use my Forte's as LF and RF and I purchased another set of Forte's from craigslist so I could again follow your advice and use a Forte for the Center. (I will probably sell one of the Forte's when I get time, unless I find a way to put two stereo channels into one speaker ) To go with the speakers I purchased a Sony XBR 850B 70" TV and a Sony STR-ZA3000ES amp. So now I finally have an operational system but with only the 3 front speakers at this time. I am blown away by this system, the picture and the sound are excellent, I tried blue ray concerts for the first time and they are spectacular, and again of major importance to me my ability to understand dialogue has improved 100%. I still miss a little now and then but for the most part I can understand it very well. And all of this is without any special settings of the amp -- I just went through the standard setup with the microphone etc. I went from almost no understanding of dialogue to a very acceptable level of understanding. I think maybe by playing with the center speaker level and "small" or "large" settings it may even get better --but it is good enough now that changing these settings is a low priority. We also picked up the ability to stream Amazon Prime free HD movies (via the TV while the sound is sent to the Amp using the audio return channel that is in the HDMI cable that typically sends content from the amp to the TV). One indication of how great this all works is that we have watched more movies in the last couple of weeks than we watched in the last couple of years on our old TV. In summary, thank you all again for your patience and advice, it was spot on. I am going to add some rear surround speakers. I have a large recessed area in the ceiling that goes around the entire listening/viewing area that we use. There is about a 9" vertical wall (the ceiling goes from 9' to 10') that I plan to use to mount the two rear speakers (which will get me to a 5.0 system). I looked at Klipsch offerings that would fit well in this area and came up with the S-10, S-20, KS-14 and RS-41 models. It seems they would all fit and look well in the area I have. Any suggestions on which of these to use with my 3 Forte's (hey guys, I don't have room for more Forte's or I would go that route). At this time I am not thinking of getting a sub-woofer as I seem to get great bass out of the Forte's --- but who knows as the system evolves. So far I love the speakers, the TV, and the amp (and having a Sony TV, Amp, and Blue-Ray has seemed to simplify things a little). Thanks again, Ed
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