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Found 10 results

  1. Hey there all! I recently was sent to this website from the Klipsch customer support phone line because my speaker and sub set started having issues. We deduced that the issue is most likely the control pod; now the other issue is that I have the older version with the round preamp input connection. He said that sometimes people on here have extras that they may be willing to part with so I wanted to pop on and ask! I just got these speakers from my brother's GF, her late dad was a radio DJ and overall Audio connoisseur and they were amongst his things. I got them to work initially so I got a taste of what joy they could bring but it is now day three and they have started acting up. Thank you all so much for whatever help you can provide!
  2. The tweeter of 1 of my floorstanding speakers Klipsch Icon KF-26 (Purchased in 2015) has gone bad. I needed advice and inputs on a replacement tweeter. Where can I find a replacement for it? Should I be replacing the tweeter of both the towers? Would appreciate any inputs/suggestions.
  3. I am told by Klipsch that one channel is out on my R20-B subwoofer, resulting in diminished bass response. Klipsch does not repair and two of their authorized repair centers do not have parts as this model is no longer manufactured. "Sorry." 'Click.' Sucks to be me. Ugh!! Do I have a two year old boat anchor? Some background. At some point, there began a popping sound from the woofer when changing channels or inputs, when there was before. My thought was that something muted when this action occurred. An original called Klipsch was responded with, this is not a fault of the speaker. My cable provider denied any connection to their service and this popping anomaly. Again, I assumed some muting what's happening on the cable provider audio side. So, I learned to live with it, turning my volume down when changing channels or inputs. Ultimately I began to notice loss in bottom. Another call to Klipsch revealed you could be a circuitry problem and this issue was not unheard-of by the tech who serviced me, stating that the circuitry problem could have resulted in blowing out one channel in the subwoofer. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller??
  4. I recently swapped a pair of my thrift store Polk Towers for a friends KG4s that needed some love. I have done some repairs and am looking for a replacement K-8-K woofer and haven't been able to find any used. Wanted to see if anyone here knew where to find one.
  5. My sw-450 is not working. I need the fuse replacement housing and fuse. And the schematic for the sub. Please help me!!!
  6. Some parts from destroyed JBL Northridge N38 II speakers:- 2 Blank speaker connector plates - $10 shipped- feet with screws. Have 7 (one somehow got lost) - $5 each shipped- Midrange 335588-002 working. Have 2. $18 shipped each- woofers 335469-002. Dimples on dust caps, but working fine. Have 2. $25 shipped eachDrivers might fit other models (I know they fit some E series speakers as well) Pictures upon request (don't want to waste space here).
  7. I have a pair of k53k midranges. I have tested them and they work fine. Looking to get $150 for the pair. Used in Heresy II, Cornwall II, Forte, Chorus. I actually took these out of a pair of Heresy speakers with e-2 crossovers.
  8. I came into posession of 2 KLF 10 floor speakers in black satin, trying to find information. I am new to Klsipsch products, so thanks in advance for any informtaion. I need the front screens and would like to know the value.
  9. Looking for Klipsch-Synergy-F1-F2-Woofer-Midrange-Speaker-Factory-Replacement-Part-6-1/2in.
  10. I just acquired a Klipsch Sub-12HG that has two broken feet. I see I can get feet on Amazon for $5 each. They list part #60412 but no picture. How do I find out if these are correct for my sub? Do all the different sizes of down-firing subs use the same feet? Thanks for your help!
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