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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I have a pair of Synergy series F-30 Klipsh tower speakers, coupled with a Klipsh SW-112 (12" powered sub-woofer). They're all connected to my Onkyo TX-8050 Receiver. https://intl.onkyo-av.com/tx-8050 The speakers all sound great still, but the Onkyo's volume control knob is not working anymore, so we can only control the volume from the Onkyo remote. Also, sometimes the left channel disappears and I have to power-cycle the Onkyo to get it all to work again. We've had the Onkyo receiver, and Klipsch speakers almost 10 years now. (it's not the wiring, 'cause I double checked that and all is secure and tight). Anyway, I have a two-part questions below; 1./ Regarding my Klipsch (powered) subwoofer, I noticed even when everything is turned off, that the (powered) subwoofer still uses ~3.5 Watts from the wall.? Is this normal, or the fact that it is a "powered" subwoofer it will stay on waiting for a signal. ? 2./ any recommendations for a new'ish receiver.? - Marantz NR1200 (75W/ch@6ohms) - Dennon DRA-800H or 900H (100W/ch@8ohms) - ... ? The must have for us is that the receiver: -must have a built-in USB input dac, (for connecting flash-drive or 1-TB portable storage) so as to play all our mp3 and flac, wav, files, ... 96khz/24bit, and 192khz/24bit, and DSD, ... AND it must have the ability to play them in a random/shuffle format as well. Also, it must be able to play shuffle/random files controlled from the Remote and/or Receiver, and NOT need a TV connected to it. -must have subwoofer (pre-out). Having HDMI maybe a bonus feature, but we're not interested in having the TV on while listening to music, old-school I guess. I'm not interested in any 5.1/7.1/... avr surround sound systems, since all of our 5.1 audio files have been converted/mixed down to 2.1(Stereo). However, some friends have said that I could just get a good quality AVR Receiver, and just use it in Stereo mode, which is fine as long as it can deliver the power cleanly to my Klipsch's.
  2. Has anyone had Yamaha and Onkyo receivers with Klipsch speakers and would like to give their input on the tonal differences?
  3. Refurbished… Denon has, right now, the x4700 refurb for $1499, x3700 $999, x2700 $699. All refurbished. Onkyo has the tx-rz50 refurbished for $1119, tx-nr797 $699, tx-nr6100 $639, etc Pioneer has the vsx-lx505 for $1199, vsx-lx305 $999, vsx-lx504 $799, vsx-lx304 $639 They don't stay on the sites for long. PS: To me manufacturer refurbs are better than new. They have been throughly checked and fixed whatever it was before selling those returns.
  4. Hi everyone, It is the first time Im creating a topic Im planning to build a 5.1 home theatre for my house, this is what Ive been thinking about but I don't really know what receiver I should get there are so many options and honestly Im not good at electronics. Here is the list of what I thought: 2x RP-6000F 2x R-41M 1x N-52C 1x R12SW Could you please help me to decide which receiver should I get? Also if you have any suggestions regarding the speakers models please let me know. Thank you in advance, Joaquin
  5. Debating on receivers right now. These will either go with Paradigm Studio 60 or Klipsch RF7-II speakers in a 2.0 setup that will eventually be built out to 5.1. Each has many of the same features as far as power, technology, etc. Differences between them doesn't seem to be dramatic on the surface for my uses, it seems to come down to specialized tech like the room measurement tools, quality of DACs and power quality. If you had to choose between these three what do you think you'd do? Anthem MRS 510 - $1,600 Yamaha RX-A1030 - $1,000 Pioneer SC-1223 - $1,100 on sale for $550 on Amazon today I have never owned any new receivers, just classic tube amps or my HK430 so this is a big jump for me! I have been told that the power and DACs in the Anthem are head over heels better than much of the competition and that the RX line from Yamaha pushes the envelope for "affordable" receivers. The Pioneer I've never really heard about except that I saw it was on sale today haha. If I go with the Paradigm Studio 60s (which I was pretty amazed at during an extended listening session) I can get the pair for $2,000 direct from Paradigm via a local dealer, that's savings of $500. If I go with the Klipsch RF7-II (which I have never had the chance to listen to, no Klipsch showrooms in San Diego?!) I'd pay the full $3,200 which is really more than I'd want to spend. Thanks for your thoughts!
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