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Found 7 results

  1. Wife and I are trying to move and we are trying to get rid of basically everything when we move. I have a 7.1 surround sound system 4 - walnut rp 280f 1 - walnut rp 450c 2 - black rp-140s 1 - Klipsch R-120SW 1 - Pioneer elite vsx-lx503 receiver Trying to sell for around 1300, but price is negotiable.
  2. Hi I just bought the below set of speakers and receiver, my receiver is only 100Watt. Should i buy a new receiver or should i get an amplifier. Please provide suggestions on wringing and placement of the speakers as well please. Receiver: TSR-700 7.1-channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI KLIPSCH RP280FA DOLBY ATMOS FRONT SPKR (2) KLIPSCH RP-150M REFERENCE PREM.,CHERRY KLIPSCH R-112SW 12" POWERED SUB CHERRY KLIPSCH RP-440C REFERENCE PREM.,CHERRY KLIPSCH RP-140SA REFR PREM.ATMOS,BK Appreciate your patience and help Thank you
  3. Hello! I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am also very new to home theater and audio equipment and have been really enjoying the process of this new community. Right now I have a 5.2 system in a very small 12’x10’ room. The sound is pretty good. I am using Klipsch R-620f towers for my Front L&R and the Klipsch R-34c for my center. My question is this: I have been looking to possibly upgrade to the Klipsch RP-600m for my Front L&R. I feel this upgrade in quality might be worth it from my home theater. Is this upgrade from the reference series to the premier series worth it?
  4. Hi all, I'm a new owner of RP 4000F mini towers (small living room, wife issues with larger towers). I've been looking into the Klipsch RP500SA's, but they're too big for the 4000F mini tower size. I could put the 500SAs right next to the towers, on my entertainment console, but that doesn't seam ideal. Looking for some advice on another approach....
  5. According to Youtube reviewer Tech Legend the Reference Premier 7.1 was first overall Best Home Theater Systems out of ten named. The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack 5.1 was ninth.
  6. Hello! Was gonna see if I could get some help. I’m looking at getting these speakers and I am completely lost on what receiver I should get. (Think I’ve narrowed it down to Yamaha) Also, does the combo of speakers work well together or would you recommend something different? How would y’all recommend setting them up for best surround sound experience? This will be mostly for movies and sports. The area they are they will be has a wall running down one side and opens up on the other side and back. (1) Pair of Klipsch RP-260F Floorstanding Loudspeakers (1) Pair of Klipsch RP-160M Monitor Speakers (1) Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel Speaker (2) Klipsch R-112SW 12-Inch Powered Subwoofers thanks for your help!
  7. Hello all. This is my first time posting because usually I am able to somewhat solve whatever home theater issue I have. However, this one I cannot. Thank you in advance for your guidance and help. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my home theater 7.2 arsenal with; RF-7II's (Front L and R) RC-64II R-12SW (2x) and RB-61II's (Suround back) Where are my surround sides? Currently next to impossible to find. I would love a pair of RS-52II's and even more so RS-62II's. I do have a pair for RS-42II's but for my own exsentric reasons, I want to go a little bigger. In you opinion, if I am unable to obtain a new to near new condition pair of either 42's or 62's how would one feel about mixing in a pair of the new Reference Premier RP-250's as my surround (sides) seeing as all the other speakers are part of the reference II series? Is this ridiculously taboo and frowned upon? I know mixing fronts with centers is no good, which makes sense. Please help! Thanks.
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