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  1. Hello everyone. I bought a 6.1 set of Icon speakers in October of 2008, and last week my XW-500D subwoofer died. There is a little text display on the top, and when I toggle the power switch it will light up for half a second before fading out. It also doesn't go BOOM BOOM BOOM anymore. That has been the extent of my troubleshooting so far. This brick cost a pretty penny back in 2008, but I am not sentimental about it. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for trying to repair it. Otherwise, I'd like to solicit recommendations for replacing it. My den is 22' x 22', and this would be for exclusively for movies. I am not opposed to moving to a 6.2 setup, if there is any merit to that layout. Thanks in advance for your input! Darwin
  2. Hey guys, I'm new here! Long time lurker and I could really use some help from the guru's I've been using my old Kenwood km-209 power amp paired with the kc-209 amp controller to drive my vintage KG4's. The kenwood is rated at 150w although the specifications say 155+155 for both channels and says 'Music Power' Is 310w. Here's the specs: http://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/kenwood/km-209.shtml I ran the volume at about 50% for about 30-35 minutes until I came downstairs to lower the volume for about 30-60 seconds and then powered the system off. When I turned the system off, I heard a pop go through the speakers. It wasn't blaringly loud, but it was loud, and concerned me. I noticed the amp was pretty warm at that time, too. After letting it cool off for about ten minutes I turned the system back on and heard a strange garbled sound coming from the speakers. When I played music through them, the tweeters weren't putting out any sound. I plugged in my EPI's to test, and their tweeters worked, so, I'm pretty sure something happened to my KG4's. Now, I'm a little concerned.. Can't these KG4's handle some juice? I was very skeptical that I might have damaged them with this system. I am also an idiot when it comes to audio equipment so please forgive me, I'm learning. Does anyone find it peculiar that both tweeters would blow exactly at the same time, AFTER I turn the system back on at a low volume? So weird to me. Thank you for your help! Sean
  3. Our Sub 10 has started making a noise that appears to be in the speaker itself but from reading posts, I now feel it may be the amp. I realize that this is very broad and was wondering if recording the sound it makes could help determine if it is the speaker or the amp? The rubber surround on the speaker appears to be perfect.
  4. I've had a pair of Heresy II's since new (late 80's?) and now a speaker post on one has mysteriously broken off. I've looked unsuccessfully online for a local repair shop and replacement part. Please assist if you know where I can purchase the appropriate replacement post or if you know of any repair shops in the Newark/Wilmington Delaware area. Thanks.
  5. Hey all, Thanks for reading. I have a pair of Reference One's with a bum jack. I began the repair process but stopped when I found that, it appears, the universal RBGC wire scheme for TRRS jacks does not seem to appear here, unless I'm going crazy. To my eyes, I've got four copper wires, three of which have been coated with enamel, one is coated in white that I figured had something to do with ground. The real head scratcher is right and left ear. One appears to be blue and the other a greenish/blackish with white running in it. I've scoured the internet for answers with no luck. I've attached a picture, the white/copper is in front, greenish/black/white on the right, blue on the left and the three other copper in back. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks again!
  6. If the voice coil is rubbing in your Klipsch woofer, don't throw it out yet. Some folks think it means the voice coil is blown or burnt up. It might just be out of alignment. The easy way to tell is look at the spider and see if it has become unglued from the frame. Here is a video showing a detached spider: I am using a gell type super glue. I had it on the shelf. Slow drying epoxy would work too. Here are some pictures I took as I was doing the repair. Cut the dust cap off, and put a couple thick business cards down into the former. This will center the voice coil, and thereby lign up the spider you are about to glue up. Make a way to get the glue in between the spyder and the frame. Without some modifications, this will never work: I used what I had laying around to get that glue in there. Some stirring sticks, some shrink tubing, and some duck tape. What else does a hillbilly need? I applied some heat to bend the stirring stick. Then I cut it off to make it just the right length. Pretend like the glass isn't there. It was impossible to take a picture with my iphone while operating a lighter and holding a stirring stick. Now I cut it off to just the right length. Continued
  7. Hello all, I have a pair of 50th Anniversary K-Horns. They survived Katrina in New Orleans, (in upper floor, so no water or damage from that). However, the rats during the flood...did seem to have taken a shine to the wires on some of my stereo equipment, apparently the crossover of the Khorns too. I played them for quite a while and they worked...but at a point, I started hearing hum..almost 60 cycle stuff...and eventually they just went out. I looked and the crossover area, the transformers look chewed up, missing covering, and multiple components look in bad shape. I'd contacted Klipsch in Hope assuming I could get them serviced there, but apparently they don't service their own goods?!?! I was shocked. They advised me to check the forums and that someone here could recommend to me whom to contact to get them fixed. I have the crossover unit detached (a friend of mine with tools helped). I could ship it somewhere but need a reputable repair contact if anyone knows of one. Thanks in advance...I really miss my tunes!!! Cayenne
  8. I have a set of klipsch x10i which I purchased on March 2012. The piece where the wire meets the jack is loose and I need to play around with it to get the sound to come from both ears at times. Is this covered under the warranty? If not where can I get these fixed? After numerous phone calls and getting the run around, I have emailed klipsch customer service and have not read back.
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