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Found 5 results

  1. The RP-280F's I recently bought for the living room system did not have bases. This was fine on our current hardwood but the house we are renting for the next year or so is carpeted all around. I don't want to risk them tipping over and hurting anyone or anything. A pair from Klipsch will be ~ $150 shipping included. Just seeing if a member has a pair that they aren't going to use and how much they would want for them. ZIP code 23602. Thanks!
  2. Hi All: Long time reader, rare poster here. I'm on the verge of upgrading my very basic HT setup from 3.1 to 5.1 or 5.1.2. Here's what I'm working with currently: Front L/R: Klipsch RP-160m Center: Klipsch RP-450c Sub: SVS 20-39CS (BIG cylinder!) Yamaha RX-A1070 receiver (110x2 @8ohms, 5.1.2 atmos capable) Samson S700 amp for subwoofer Oppo BDP105 Bluray Apple TV (Non 4k) I'm thinking of upgrading in 2 stages: 1) Upgrade the front L/R to floorstanders, and move the RP-160s to surround duty 2) Upgrade the subwoofer to a powered version, and upgrade the power amp to drive the front L/R Right now, I'm "paused" at stage 1 and seek advice. I'm pretty sure I'd like to go from RP-160s to RP-80xx, to get a big improvement in sound, and yet keep voice matching to the RP450 center. My only hesitation is around which towers to go with: the 8000 or the 8060fa? My receiver can support 5.1.2, even without a separate amp, so I'm interested to try out Atmos. But it looks like there's a $500 PER SPEAKER premium on the FA's. I'm wondering, what have folks' experience been with the FA's? Is it worth this premium? Will I notice that much of a difference going to 5.1.2 over straight 5.1? A few other factors I am working with that are relevant: - I don't have the option to run in-ceiling speakers at the current time, so it'll have to be reflected atmos (flat, 9' ceiling) - My intended use is roughly 50% movies, 25% music, 25% TV/non-HD streaming - Budget is a factor - not looking to spend more than $2-3k per upgrade stage I welcome your thoughts... especially those with atmos experience.
  3. Hello everybody I do have a litte problem! I got everything out of the the RP 280 (www.klipsch.com/products/reference-premiere-home-theater-systems#rp-280) for a 5.1 setup. Everrything works fine has amazing sound and look stunning BUT in my room I cannot place the surround speakers left and right of my listening position. I have 2 Options. (The room is 19 feet by 16 feet so no funny shapes involved but the windows are blocking some of my option) Option 1 I can place them further back (within the recommended 110 degees) and about 3 feet above my listening position but this puts them about 1.3 feet from the back wall. But if I do this do I turn the speakers so that the center of the speaker points to my listening position and what mount do I get for that? Option 2 I can place them left and right of my listening position but about 4,3 feet above my listening position which is about 1 feet from the ceiling (and about 2/3 of the speakers would hang over See Picture). I cannot place it on the back wall becasue the back wall is one big window. Both Options are not ideal but which would you recommend? I thank everybody in advance for their help. P.S. Excuse my gramma and spelling errors I am from Austria (Europe) so not a native english speaker
  4. Hi - Always wanted Klipsch since I heard a pair of LaScala in the 80s. So when I saw the reduced price of the RP-280 I jumped all over (2). Now I need an amp and would love a Emotiva but no budget right now. So looking at a decent 2 channel receiver to pair up with my Sony AV1020 and JBL L80s. The RP-280 is rated at 150 watt and rule of thumb is 80% so that leaves 120 watt. Unfortunately most of the receivers out there today are crap and the output is so low. Any advice? Dnc
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