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Found 6 results

  1. Having lots of trouble setting up two RW-1s to operate as left and right rear channels with an RSB-14 sound bar. I believe my wireless router is not the problem...it is a dual band AT&T wireless. I get beeps from the speakers (RW-1s) but not music. It seems that the RW's may not be linked to the RSB-14 sound bar. I can see the speakers on another computer listed as Play-Fi devices with long numbers (haven't gotten to the point of renaming). I thought I saw three Play-Fi2 devices, but now only two. Does the sound bar also transmit? Should there be three? The sound bar and rear spkrs are in a relatively small room together. There was also a second wireless router in there too, but it has now been disconnected. Maybe some conflict between the routers before...I don't know. Spent an hour and a half on the phone with Klipsch Customer Service. I was disappointed that he didn't seem too well versed in iphone...but only Android setup screens on the phone. Not that I am either, but I am not Customer Service. Looks like you would need to know both flavors to do that. Question: I am guessing that the RW-1 app for upgrading the firmware in the RW-1s will only download to a smart phone (either iphone or Android) so as to protect the program from unauthorized downloads?? I was trying to use a Mac book to download and remotely run the update in firmware, but it looks like it must be a phone? I have done the firmware revision on the sound bar, but not the rear spkrs. I have a little logistics problem with being able to get to the speakers so I was trying to do it remotely from another room in range. I guess the problem is just the fact that I have not gotten the RW-1s firmware updated. Any thoughts?? Is this the right sub forum for RW-1? Didn't find any reference with search.
  2. Hello. I may be missing the point here and expecting more from my setup than it's designed to perform. I have a Samsung tv that is less than a year old. I use the soundbar as audio for my television. I have apple tv and an internet streaming box connected to my tv also. All the audio for all devices play thru the soundbar. The audio from the television to the soundbar is supplied thru an optical cable as the hdmi did not carry sound to the soundbar. I want to add music that is playing on my soundbar thru the apple tv (which also has an iheart radio and pandora application on it) to other areas of my house and have purchased two rw1 wireless speakers. My problem is that I can not get the rw1 to play what is coming thru the soundbar. If I use the app and create a speaker group this doesn't seem to fix the issue. If I use apple music, pandora ect directly thru the klipsch stream app it will play. How can I basically get the rw1 speakers to synch and play whatever may be also coming thru the soundbar?
  3. Hi Klipsch community, I recently purchased RSB-14 sound bar, with 2 RW-1 Wireless speakers. To set up a surround system with the bar and the RW-1 speakers, you need in first place to work on some FW updates (http://assets.klipsch.com/files/Stream-Surround-Update-TechBulletin-v06.pdf) For the RSB-14, no issue at all, you can download the binary file and use the USB interface on the bar. Worked like a charm. However, for the RW-1 speaker you have to download the “Klipsch RW-1 Utility Stream" Update app for android or apple. And follow the steps... here start the issues. => The update application never find my speakers, and it stuck on the screen "Searching for device", this may take few minutes ;-D .. I let the app running for 1 hour, still did not find my speakers.. I followed every steps very carefully: wifi set up & speaker in update mode. I've also double checked my network config: - Both speakers are seen by my network ( I can access it with their IP address on a web browser). - I've tried DHCP IP address and then put a static IP address.. same issue - I've tried with the speaker wired on my network: same - I've tried a factory reset on the speaker and start the process again. same issue For info, the speaker in stand alone works fine on my network with the klipsch play-fi application.. I also tried to put both of it on stereo mode, and it worked great.. so my router and network set up seems to work OK.. If anyone already experienced the same issue and found how to resolve it, many thanks for sharing ! Cheers,
  4. Hi all, First of all, I apologize for my English, it is not my native language. Nonetheless, I just bought a powergate with 2 RW1 and a Jamo810 sub in order to make a 2.1 wireless setup. I tried to play with it, everything is running smoothly for the wifi setup, music is being played stereo ... BUT I can't manage to find a way to stream from my powergate to the RW1s without the phone. To clarify, the workflow I'd like to implement is the following : [AUX | PHONO | BT ... ] --> Powergate --> RW1 And so far, this is not working, I need to control all this with my phone and setup a 'line in' zone on the powergate. I wanted to know if I understood properly and this is indeed not possible, or if I am missing something. Thanks a lot in advance Frankois
  5. Rsb14 + 2 speakers rw1 with Wifi While Creating surround system, I can’t Desesperatly set up the rear speakers the system stops before ending thé setting ... « trying something else » then but without Success updated of 3 devices is ok i can use independantly the 3 of them I can set up a stéréo pairs with speakers but no surround really upset with thïs system for a while now 😡
  6. Dear, i've just installed in my house a RSB-8 connected to my TV, a gate connected to a crown, a RW1 in a Room, another Gate connected to a Bose System, and other two RW1 (paired) in the master room. The App it's not so friendly the only one thing that i was able to play quickly was the internet radio. My PONO player connected to AUX in the pair RW1 don't work, the itunes library can't be played (file not supported), DLNA it's worse, downloaded some APP, but all have problem while playing to specific speaker / room (but i don't wanna use DLNA). Works RSB-8 using BT. Any suggestion? I really need to move to spotify?? Regards.
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