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Found 7 results

  1. I have a Heresy II that has been stored in a large metal box for 15 years. I use a Unison Research Unico P Amp and prior to hooking it up I want to know if I should maintain it, I also noticed one of the pins at the back broken, any idea how and what to do
  2. Hi! I've had my Klipsch R115-SW for a week's time, working perfectly fine and nothing wrong with it.. 3 days ago I was switching the phase from 180 to 0 and the power just got cut off of the subwoofer. The green light turned off and switching the power from AUTO to ON did not help. I unplugged it and re-plugged it while it was on the ON setting, and it worked for 10 seconds with the green LED flickering then turned off. The same thing happened if I did the same steps but it lasted for one second only. After that I contacted live chat and talked to staff, which told me to change the outlet and it worked. However, one day later it did not work again. After checking, the fuses were burnt. I replaced them, and it worked just fine for another day. Now it stopped working again, and after checking the fuses there was no problem with them like last time. Can you help me understand the source of the problem? P.S. I have a voltage corrector attached to my subwoofer, but even removing it does not help. I tried another cable which also did not work. I unplug the subwoofer when not using it.
  3. My Cinema 600 sound bar is connected via HDMI. LEDs had been working and I turned the LEDs off via the remote control. I had already connected to the sound bar using the Klipsch Connect app. The problem started when I tried to re-connect with the app and the volume cut out and the Bluetooth on my phone sent me a pairing request which failed. stating that the PIN was wrong. The volume also reset to zero. Now: The volume buttons for the sound bar and sub work on the remote. The buttons on the sound bar work. The LEDs will not turn on via the button on the remote. Cannot pair with Bluetooth by pressing the button on the remote. The app sees the Cinema 600 but, reports an error when I select "Setup". I uninstalled and reinstalled the Klipsch Connect app and tried a factory reset but, no change. The device is out of warranty. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi, I have a pair of Klipsch R-15 PM and I loved them, now after three years of usage, they aren't working anymore. I can connect with bluetooth and I can switch through all the channels (optival/usb, a.s.o.), but on every audio signal I send - no reaction. They keep silent. I tried to let them repair in a Hifi Store, but they gave them unrepaired back. They said, there are no plans in the internet available or any documentation elsewhere. Do you have a good idea what to do? Best regards, Gunther
  5. Hey, I just purchased the Promedia 2.1 THX and set it up per the instructions. The sub worked VERY well but neither satellite worked at all. I could control the volume via the right speaker and light was on, but no sound. I had an old pioneer receiver and decided to test out the satellite speakers. They worked great when connected to the receiver. I am not sure what the problem is exactly? It could be the preamp, speaker wires or the 3.5mm jack. I can't really narrow it down since they all work independently, just not as a single unit. Any help would be appreciated. Klipsch has not responded to my service request, which is not surprising given the current climate. Thanks!
  6. Hey. I bought some second hand 2.1 promedia speakers (without subwoofer) and I have no idea how to power them on. I will attach pictures to help explain. Essentially it comes with a control pod which has a green headphone cable, and another unknown cable that kind of looks like an s link. There were then two sets of monster cables that each plug into the back of a satellite speaker respectively. I have no idea how to a) attach the two speakers together and b) turn them on. Please help. Is the subwoofer necessary to turn on the satellites? Pics: https://imgur.com/a/mSHOuRH
  7. Update. Got the same answer from Klipsch Norway as from the store where I bought them. The speakers have been played too loud with an amp not in total control Have had these for some years now and always had the frontgrill on the speakers. When I recently removed them I see these marks on the drivers/elements. Most on one of the speakers and a little on the other. It looks to me as the marks could have come from some loose small objects inside the speaker as they look pushed from inside, but I know that is not supposed to be possible. I have spoken to the guys at the store and one told me it could be that the speakers have been run to hard with an amp not in total control of the bass. I hear no difference in sound, the speakers play well. I have used an Emotiva pre and amp Xpa3. I have not played that loud but maybe the kids have. 😊 Have any other experienced similar?
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