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Found 7 results

  1. I've invested in THREE G-17's because I love how they sound. I would like to update the firmware, but this issue as reported in the Klipsch Community between 20012 through 2015 has apparently never been resolve and the link to the update states Klipsch is still working on a fix! (See this Link: http://www.klipsch.com/firmware?product=16489) Additional information: I purchased each g-17 used on eBay, one has firmware and the other two have I had no trouble getting each to connect to my 2.4 wife band and was able to rename each-BUT they revert to factory default name eventually. What is the latest available firmware version? Can it be downloaded and run from desktop computer or off a thumb drive?
  2. Hi. Newbie here. I have a G-17 that I've had hooked up to my network in the past. Now I'd like to just use the 3.5mm input jack. I've tried pushing the I/O button to get the three flashes but still get no sound. I haven't used this for a few years, so has something changed and caused an issue or am I just missing something simple? Any help would be welcome. Thanks.
  3. I have dug through these forums for quite a while. As a long time klipsch user I am very disappointed in the level of support given to the G-17 Air product. Not only is the firmware update process kludgy and unintuitive, I am constantly plagued with dropouts when using these speakers. I was hoping a firmware update would fix my issue but alas, all the damn thing does is flash red when I hit the "Ok" button to put it into firmware update mode. There have been several users on the forum with the same issue with NO REPLY FROM SUPPORT. I wish Klipsch would just own up to their mistakes and publish a guide on how to fix this or RMA units that need firmware updates. Simply not replying to user issues is just bad business. Been a Klipsch fan for the past 10 years, and just wholly disappointed in this product from start to finish. My setup: I have a laptop with CAT-5 going into dedicated wireless router (nothing else connected at all). Tried doing a factory reset and had no effect. Klipsch, if you're out there - please help! -peter
  4. Hello. I have the Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air, AirPlay® Speakers. I downloaded the G-17 Firmware file and the Update Instructions (G17apple_macprocedure_635098280657660000.pdf). I am able to successfully connect to the G-17 using Bonjour in the web browser. I click on the "Firmware Update" within the sidebar, and the correct page appears. It shows that the Current Firmware Date is: 2011-10-30 and the Current Firmware Version is: Below the phrase "Firmware Update" is an [OK] button and the instructions are to click that button so the G-17 can prepare for the update. As soon as I click the [OK] button, the G-17 Wireless button turns 'Red' and the Bonjour connection to the G-17 is lost. I've power-cycled the G-17 a few times with the same results. I even turned off all my wireless devices, plugged the laptop into Ethernet, so the only wireless device was the G-17, and still the 'Red' Wireless button. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can successfully update the Firmware, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  5. Ive just bought these beautiful speakers (they were on sale at best buy) but I am having problems in finishing the setup. I have tried to go through the process both by using the Klipsch app on an Ipad and by doing it using a MacBook Air running OS X 10.9.3 but the wireless blue LED never turns solid at the end of the setup. I saw the question below on the klipsch website but the problem is that my router is an AirPort extreme that does not allow for changing the wireless mode. The Wireless Blue LED does not turn solid at the end of the setup.Verify that your 2.4GHz broadcast mode is not set to “N Only”. The setting should be B/G/N , B/G or Mixed Mode. The G-17 Air does not work with “N Only”. What should I try? Thank you, Hamilton
  6. I am trying to update the firmware. All steps up to uploading the file go thru just fine but I get the error: Current Firmware Version (id.built): 93.3700 Current Firmware Date: 2011-10-30 16:05:42 G17_v97.3700US71813_635181139535772000.zip The file is an invalid BCD file. The filesize of the download is 2,800,619 bytes (2.8 MB on disk). I am using MacOSX and these are the only two devices on my network during this update. Can anyone help? I cannot find anything on the forums for this.
  7. I wish we had auditioned similar products before we bought the G-17. It has a recessed midrange that is really unpleasnt. For taking "tunes" on the road it is nice, but it is not for serious listening. Is/has Klipsch issued a firmware upgrade that lets the consumer have some say over the tonal balance? I can compensate to a degree if I am AirPlaying from the Mac Mini, but I'd like access to the EQ settings, thank you very much.
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