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Sophia Electric 12AX7 & 12AU7


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If you do NOT buy the $75 version WITH the insurance, they show you a video of the "gorillas" who manhandle your tubes. It is not a pretty site. You are better off getting the insurance and keeping your mouth shut. What can you do. Forget about it. The US Post Office is in the same racket, you don't buy the insurance, your package goes through Guantanamo first. The same muscle men who handle the styrofoam packing peanuts are not so gentle if you don't pay for PROTECTION. I don't want to talk about it. I have been having some nightmares. Pretty soon the sellers of electronic appliances are going to get hip to this approach, then it won't be so easy to say NO to those extended warranties, that is if you still plan on using your knees for anything. In fact, these "extended warranties under pressure" may be how our economy may have to survive, that and more gas taxes. Also a special energy tax if you run triodes Class A. Its the future, man.


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I CANNOT understand why  anyone would spend that much for newley manufactures tubes when you can by NOS or good used tubes for about the same $$!!  I can understand  KT88's and the like but, preamp tubes??

If you have only dealt with shady sellers buying new would seem a good option. I was almost in this camp but then I started buying from brent jessie.

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Look, EVERYONE know that used 'original" preamp tubes last longer and are of better quality than the new ones available today. Of course you can't buy from "any Tom, Dick, or Harry..... You can buy excellent quality Tele's, siemens, mullards ect,ect... between 50 and 85 bucks all day long from reputable people.

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