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Successful mission - Piece together a Sub 12 for under $200


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So I decided to go for it and buy the components of a Sub 12 online and piece it together. The hardest part was to find a Sub 12 cabinet, after a little searching on ebay I found one and got it for about $55 shipped. I then found a used Sub 12 amp for about $70 shipped and then found a new Sub 12 woofer for about $65 shipped. All items found on ebay.

The only compromise that was made was that the sub cabinet was a little dinged up, but a black sharpie works wonders and you can barely tell at all from any distance. This sub sounds much better than my Sub 10, deeper bass, and definitely more volume. I am very happy!

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I am very impressed with the power of this woofer, it is just as "musical" as everyone claims. It has the available headroom that I need with my large air space. It had me giggling like a little school girl when listening to some of my favorite Korn and Sevendust songs, then had me speechless during Transformers and Saving Private Ryan. I know it sounds like I am saying that it is the best sub ever, well it is the best sub under $200 [:P]

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