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Please help with the sub setup that must last a lifetime.....Quad Klipsch THX Ultra's or dual Jl F113's

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I am agonizing over my sub setup....as this has to be IT for a LONG time...

I will have the THX Ultra 2 7.0 speaker setup. Very excited. The pro reviews glowed about this system .

My room is 2200 cubic feet sealed...fully aucoustically treated.....bass traps and all

I am looking for visceral deep tactile bass that is also refined,

controlled and tight. I also want a relatively small form factor (most

of the big boy ID subs are a bit too big for my tastes and the WAF as

well)...but if the ID subs are superior tell me and I will think about


Now I have narrowed down my sub choice to the following.......

1) dual F113's

2) Quad Klipsch THX Ultra2 subs

I am definitely looking for close to the "ultimate bass performance" and this setup needs to last close to a lifetime.

One of my issues is over dual versus quad subs ( I plan to get a SVS

as-eq1 sub EQ as well....unless you think Audyssey on the Onkyo 886

pre/pro will do the job??/), and whether quads would really add

anything meaningful to the experience.....Would quads add


1) greater pressurization

2) better frequency response (but I will have the As-eq1 or rely on Audyssey, so maybe that's not as important??)

3) better tactile visceral feeling with the bass coming from four sides rather than two spots

4) less distortion down deep

I really don't want to get quads just to "get them", I want to get them

if their will be a noticeable performance advantage. If their is no

performance advantage, then dual is the way to go.... then I would lean

towards the Dual F113's.

Thanks, and as you can see I am in need of some guidance here. The good

part is I am pretty sure I am down to just two companies....klipsch and

JL! that is one positive point!

Also, could you comment on what another bass head member PM'ed me regarding this same question I am posing tou you...


I would lean heavily towards a Quadpack of the Klipsch subs.

All of the JL subs are high-passed at 22 Hz, and while they will yield

a good response below 20 with some EQ, that's not their forte'.

The Klipsch subs also roll off below 20 Hz, but 4 will deliver appx. 110 dB even at 15 Hz in your room.

If you want the ULTIMATE for a relatively compact subwoofer, look again at a quadpack of Submersives.

Each is 24.25" W x 17.5" D x 25.5" H

The Quad pack will give you a response to 8 Hz, something the other subs just cannot do.

In summary, my choices are:

1. Quad Sumbersives

2. Quad Klipsch THx Ultra's

3. Quad F-113's

Thanks a lot for the input. I have heard such great things about

the Klipsch THX subs from pro reviews and from most of the listener

impressions, but others think the Klipsch's have been long passed by

the newer kids on the block.

Of course the F113 reviews are as good as it gets.

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It's an Infinite Baffle configuration. Basically you use large displacement drivers built into a line type array or mount them in a box where only the box opening exits into the room. They go EXTREMELY low and are EXTREMELY accurate. Another added plus is that the sub does not consume any floor space. The down side is that you have to cut a hole in your room when you mount it.

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