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I am sure this type of question has been posted a thousand times, but I am presently looking to purchase a new receiver and speaker system and just would like some advice. I would like something that I can use for movies and music. I would like a micro system, but want it to sound good of course. I noticed that not many folks here have anything to say about the Quintet system. Why is that so? Also, if I went with the Quintet, what might be a good matching receiver that won't break the bank? Thanks, NewFish

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How much do you want so spend and what do you have?

Do you have the whole quintet system? ( 4 sats, center )

and sub if so what sub do you have etc.

Fill us in on exactly what you have and a roundabout

on what you wanna spend and ill try to help you out asap.



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Sony STR-DE975 HT Reciever


SB-3 Mains

SC-1 Center

Quintet Rears

KSW-12 Sub

AR Proseries Interconects

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newfish, not a lot of people talk about the quintet, because not a lot of people have settled for that here.

the quintets have the trademark Klipsch sound, but IMO aren't a great value, especially if you compare them to Enregy microsystems like Take 5.2 or Encore. But your mileage may vary, and you might like the sound of the Quintets more.

once again, I'll tell you what we tell everybody: go listen to the speakers! compare and figure out what you like best.


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Newfish - The challenge with a micro system is that for music, you get micro sound. So, if you plan on also using this system for music, you might want to look at something just a tad larger than a micro system.

In the Klipsch family, there is the Synergy System 6, composed of the SB-1 main bookshelf speakers, SS-.5 surrounds, and SC-.5 center. This gives you much better music quality, while retaining a somewhat compact size for the surrounds/center speakers.

Outlaw 1050 is getting a lot of good press on this board, as is the Denon 1602, for receivers.



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