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  1. Stu - Under "Don't" Item 7... is that your own editorial comment? To what could they possibly be referring? Doug ------------------ My System
  2. Good post, HornEd. I had the opportunity to listen to a pair of Van's next to a pair of Fortes, and the Forte's (to me) blew the Van's out of the water in terms of detail and "aliveness" and overall listening enjoyment. The Van's, to me, sounded like they had wet blankets over them. This may be a comparison more along the lines of what Ed is talking about - comparing products more similarly priced/targeted than the Van's vs Synergy's. Granted, the Forte's are a 3-way design versus the RF series 2-way design, but I think the comparison would still hold up. Doug ------------------ My System
  3. Gonzo - If it's small size your wife wants, have you looked at the Klipsch Synergy System 6? It is composed of the SB-1, SS-.5 surround, SC-.5 center, and sub of your choice (go for a 12" sub, at least). This system will do both HT and music well, where the Quintets are really more for HT only (as you noticed). It's not much more money than the Quintet system, and will leave you happier in the long run. If you're in the Reference budget area, have you considered using the RB-3/RB-5 bookshelf speakers for the mains, rather than the floorstanding RF3? Doug ------------------ My System
  4. Well, with this post, dougdrake2 goes into retirement. What next? I'll guess we'll find out. Chickee - I appreciate the suggestion, but I already get enough junk/spam mail that I have to wade through, so I'll pass on that one I never liked Picasso, anyway, so I'll also have to pass on dougdrake_cubed. Chris R - You're pretty sharp, as far as I can tell. This stems from a post about a year ago (I think??), so you probably didn't see it. Farewell - dougdrake2 ------------------ My System
  5. ne_surfer - Now you've done it. You've opened the door to a new round of debates over cable and wire. Having a data background, I also thought at first that the digital signal was either good or it was bad, no middle ground. Totally a binary situation. But I've read a bit about it, and also some posts from some other knowledgeable folks on the board (RG, for one). I've come to believe that in fact digital is not quite so binary, so to speak. Since there is no error detection/retransmission in this digital world, there is the possibility of lost bits that are made up for by the receiving equipment, which usually just fills in the blank with an average of what was on either side of it, I believe. There are things like jitter, etc... that can happen as well (sort of like doing video over an IP/public network). So, I think it is possible that better cable/fiber will yield better results. The question is, can YOU hear it and is it worth the money to you to buy them. A very subjective decision, indeed. All, of course, is JMHO. Doug ------------------ My System
  6. C&S - I'm coming from a position of total neophyte, but it seems that the Canon PowerShot S30/S40 are kind of a nice blend between the pro and the point-and-shoot. Simple if you want, but adaptable to semi-pro use if needed. Plus, they can still fit in a coat pocket without looking like Wynona heading out the front door. They may be too simple for you (no flash shoe, for example) but are reasonable and are getting rave reviews for their picture quality. f'd and stopped- Doug ------------------ My System
  7. Well, folks, what should it be? a) dougdrake3 "No Life" status c) Long vacation in a place with no Internet access... Doug ------------------ My System
  8. Yes, the Aura's take speaker level input. You would route the RCA connector from the y-adapter off your preamp's sub-out, to your dedicated Aura amp (that you provide). Then, connect speaker wires from the amp to the Aura's, just like hooking up regular speakers 'cept these ain't got no speakers in 'em! Doug ------------------ My System
  9. Nice system. 1) No, there is no setting for speaker impedance on your Denon receiver. 2) How do you have the front center and rear surround channel set in the receiver - large or small? Doug ------------------ My System
  10. I have a pair, and have done as soundog suggests. I split the sub-out with a y-adapter. There is no crossover -- that is correct. They will respond to whatever is coming out of your sub-out on your receiver. That should be OK. Doug ------------------ My System
  11. Does the Sunfire have a 2 or 3-prong electric plug on it? If it is 3-prong, it may be causing a ground loop. Doug ------------------ My System
  12. If your friend has a tape measure, some outside dimensions would sure help. Maybe he meant Phat. In that case, I'd agree that the Chorus are Phat Doug ------------------ My System
  13. Hey Mike L - You didn't cheat us out of reading your opinion on this by PM'ing Rob, did ya? Doug ------------------ My System
  14. Plus, if anyone cares, Stereophile named the Servo 15 as one of its recommended components in the AAA category! Doug ------------------ My System
  15. Rocmuzo - I think the DPL II question is best answered by knowing what you plan to use as source material for most of your HT viewing. It will really only be effective on VHS and Dolby Surround broadcast TV/cable/satellite. Doug ------------------ My System
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