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New To KLipsch - - KG4 model 1986 4 Ohm


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Howdy to all from west texas. This is my first visit here and my first to audition a pair of KLipsch speakers. I found a pair of Kg4's at a local sale that were pretty neglected, but in fair shape. I got them with three albums for 25.00. (Boston's first, Chicago's first,and Rare Earth(get ready)). So, I feel like I got a fairly good deal from the start on these.

I cleaned up the speakers with polish, the cab's were very presentable with minimum damage. One had two cig burns on top. One was missing grill badge. Both woofers in the rear missing dust covers. One eight inch dust cover pushed in(vaccum it out). The rubber surrounds splitting/cracked. I hooked them up, and wow, I was surprised on how good they sounded. I have them hooked up to a SANSUI AU-719, and seems to be a fairly good combination for sound for a SS anyways. I was running two pairs of Pioneers, CS-88a's and CS-99a's, with KLH 4001 in the garage. I like the KLipsch's so good that I got rid of them all. Would have kept the CS-99a's and ran them A and B, but the Ohm factor prohibited that ideal. Guess it is not a good deal to run a set of 4 Ohms with a set of 8 ohms together ( spkr system A and B).

Well, I really would like to rebuild with the original dust covers for the rear woofers and new rubber surrounds. Any advice or info for locating materiels would be really appreciated. I believe it would be worth the money, for what little I have invested in these babys. PLus needing the one grill badge, which I have one replacement badge coming my way in a couple of days.

Also, forgot to mention. If you are ordering badges from KLipsch, they dont have the older ones. I called and specifically asked for the older ones, and the operator said they had them in stock. But, when I got them, they were not the right ones. They were smaller in size and backwards in color. I needed the copper background with the black letters. I got the black background with copper letters. Oh yeah, one more thing. I forgot to mention that one speaker is missing the serial number tag in the back. The one that is attached is = Kg4-wo 8646617 M.A.Richardson V.Horton

thanks in advance


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Thanks for the welcome, Bill. I originally started this up for a "Want Ad" for one speaker grill badge. But I ended up finding a set on ebay , kind of high (35.00), but I feel it is worth it. At least the grill cover themselves are in almost excellent shape, and the front of each speaker are comestically apealling, and all drivers are , not scoped or tested, but sound wise operating. The dust covers on the rear passive radiators(rear woofers?) are really not a issue, and appears to be functional, which would be unseen from the front with room placement.

I am very pleased with these speakers.

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you can run them at 8 ohms if you wish with no problems and from your pic it looks like your kg4s are right up against the wall...I know in the real world we can't always put stuff where we want BUT if you bring them off the wall a bit (a foot or so) the bass should deepen dramatically...the rears are passive radiators...kg4s are known for their bass...as for the rear dust covers...you can pull them back out using the vacuum cleaner method or possible tape...enjoy!


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