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*UPDATE* JL fathom audition...


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Ok, I must now eat my words... Well, most of them![:)]

The JL was pretty impressive once, uh, cough,cough, set up properly. It was atleast half as much more loud, and played low like I originally had anticipated. The BG still sounded smoother and more natural to me. Definitely more 'audiophile' sounding. It was a little less loud at high volumes, but clearly impressive for a 10" woofer. I never would have guessed it. Less boomy would be a nice description.

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The dealer where I auditioned the JL called me today and said that after the factory rep came by, they discovered the set-up mic was messed up. Apparently the mic was only allowing 150hz and up to be played. Obviously this is why I was so disappointed in the lack of performance.

What does a microphone have to do with the subwoofer? If it was for Audyssey, then everything below 150Hz would have been boosted....resulting in too much bass. I guess I'm not understanding the problem...especially if you listened with Audyssey off (which should be the method used for all comparisons).

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