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In ceiling or In wall


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I am going to to helping my brother design his home theater sound system. He is building a house and wants to get it pre-wired for this. My question, does anyone have 5.1 type system in ceiling? I am thinking about the in wall, but I wanted to give him options before I tell him how much its going to cost. He really knows nothing about audio and is letting me take it over.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I will try to find out the size of the room if that would help with the ideas

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I'm not a big fan of either but if that is the only options, I personally prefer In Walls simply because sound coming down from the ceiling does not seem as realistic as sound coming from the front of the room (where the screen is).

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Hi coltsfan,

I tried 5.1 in-ceiling and found it lacking compared to in-wall or "box" speakers. Given my experience, in-ceilings are great for background music or rear channel only if no other option is available. After trying the in-ceilings, I added bookshelf LCR and only use the in-ceiling for background music.

In order of my preference for best sound (assuming all drivers are the same):

1. Cabinet (Floor standing or bookshelf tuned to woofer)

2. In-Wall (Klipsch In-walls can sound great!!)

3. In-Ceiling

jmho . . . .


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I am not sure what we're going to do yet. We're supposed to go over the blue prints sometime next week so I can see what the room layout will be. He said that it will have cathedral ceilings. I am thinking right now that I would want to have 2 in walls for the fronts and some kind of center under the tv. Then have 2 in ceilings for the rears. I am not sure how this could work out with the cathedral ceilings though.

I saw the thread about professor thump's set up, I am not too crazy about the placement but I am sure its because of his walls.

I sketched up something as a first idea, let me know where you think I could improve.

I was thinking of having a "cubby" area in the wall for all of his electronics


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