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Which Klipsch Speaker is the Best for.....


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Originally posted by Colin:

In fact, if you can tolerate the internal speakers on large TVs, all you really need to add is a powered sub-woofer. To make a very simple HT, just add a good sub-woofer to the speaker outputs on the TV.
This will give 80 -90% of the thrill of home theater without the cost.

Ok now that is just outrageous. Colin, I don't necessarily disagree with all you said, except saying you can use the TV speakers to recreate 80-90% of the home theater experience is just plain silly. Plus, you need more than a pair of front speakers and a sub. A lot of sound comes from the center, and if you're more than one listener, forget about good imaging in stereo! Also, you need the surrounds. I don't care how well your speakers image, they can never recreate the sound of two discrete rear channels with sounds going back and forth and ambience reinforcing the whole experience.

I would like to add, on a more general note, that very often (not always), people are looking for different things from a home theater setup than from a music setup. I'm generalizing here of cours,e but in general the goal of a music system is to reproduce the original sound with perfect accuracy. In movies, on the other hand, especially the big Hollywood action blockbuster (the main reason a lot of folks get into home theater for; American Beauty is almost as enjoyable a film on a simple TV, while Arnold really benefits from a full-blown setup), the goal is to get very in-your-face, exciting sound. IMHO, that is where Klipsch excels the most. Therefore, in an ideal world, I would be using something like Dynaudio or Energy Veritas speakers, or some classic Klipsch (Klipschorns) in a stereo music room, and enjoying a good multichannel Klipsch Reference setup in the HT room, which would also probably serve as the Rock, Rap, and Techno music system. But that's just me.


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