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Help with repairing Heresy I's

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After reading through the posts in this forum I have discovered that I have a pair of 1980 Heresy I's (U) with type E xover & K-77-M tweeters, raw birch finish. I bought these new while stationed in Europe for just over $200 for the pair. Recently one of the tweeters has ceased to work. I have attempted to check this with an ohmmeter & get an infinite reading. Shouldn't I get some resistance across this driver? And if this tweeter is bad, is my only option to replace it?

I've gained some nice tips regarding finishing these speakers & retaining their new appearance reading through the posts here. I'm grateful for the wealth of knowledge here and those that are willing to share it. I would be most appreciative for any help in this matter.

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You have an open voice coil. It can be repaired for much less than a new one costs. The diaphragm can be bought from Klipsch or from E-V (for a T-35A). Most pro audio shops can get and install the diaphragm.


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Sorry to take so long to thank you for the info, John. Pro audio shops in this neck of the woods are very scarce. I have since pulled the tweeter and checked it out further. The break in the coil is visible. I'm ordering a replacement diaphragm today.

It appears to be a simple soldering task to replace it.

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