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Twas the Day Before Christmas........

tom b. 57

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Here is a ode I wrote for the original, chief technical engineer for Motown Records, as he serviced some McIntosh gear.

Soldier on brave solderer,
Remove your cap and don't resist.
For tomorrow will sound better,
Once I finish this.

As we stretch across the board walk,
sometimes intertwined.
Taking comfort in the pride and care,
given to ensure we function as designed.

We understand,hear,but rarely see,
Our purpose with any frequency.
Perhaps we were turned on at a pot party?

Am I now in a lucid or solid state?
Feeling compressed or behind a gate?
Is there one track in life or sixteen or eight?

Did you see the Ferret peak?
If you peak a ferrit,do you speak?

What is it MacArthur used to say?
Old solderers just fader away?

I could go on like this all day,
but my head Hz so I'll go away.

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Wishing all my forum friends, here and now, come and gone, the happiest of holidays, wherever you may be ...

We amply populate this planet and bring great ideas to a common place. I have learned much in my years here, and I am grateful for the friendships made.

Cheers and happiness for a much better 2010 for all.


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