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  1. You should be throwing Colter a percentage, as he is spreading the word, worldwide, hence my brief return. Just wish I was in better shape, or could sell all my gear quick enough to move up to the KP 600 stacks. I'm sure there are some mixed emotions for you, but I know from the record store, collecting and storage spaces, that sometimes the weight has to go. I wish you the best of luck in your sale, which I will alternate between obsessing over and trying to forget about. Email any pics of the KP 600's for me to pin up over my bed. (seriously email me)
  2. I'm going to have two of these pallet jacks in my new space, but don't have the proper MWM bins to go with them...yet. Will my pallet jacks sound similar in the meantime or with other Bass Bins on top of them?
  3. Make sure the LSI's have the proper fuses in them.
  4. and what material is the woofer frame made of? Cast, stamped, molded?
  5. Founder, President, and sole member of the "Rock Legends with Degrees in Astrophysics Club." Gotta love it... Dave Jeff "Skunk" Baxter could probably hang out in the clubhouse.
  6. Get some subs and they will sound better than most of the medium sized clubs I have walked into. I'd try and pry them away from you, but imagine coast to coast shipping would be a little pricey.
  7. You should just sell that system.[] If you re-post this in the Pro section, there are at least 3 or 4 guys here that can answer all your questions, as well as try and get you to trade/sell them.LOL
  8. Listen, live, draw oxygen and(sometimes) livelyhood from.
  9. Congrats! Did you at least float the idea of Miranda Belle Grace?LOL
  10. Was having a hard time finding the mentioned appearance of Jeff, but here he is! Glad to find this thread, because I was starting to worry that Colterpro was begining to make up imaginary Klipsch Pro friends!LOL Of course the most helpful questions Jeff can answer for us is: Where do you live and how much do you want for them?[ ]
  11. Welcome Jeff. One of us, one of us...
  12. My hero too(next to Colterpro), but I'm drinking milk and will hopefully able to play with the big boys by next summer.
  13. Especially considering it is Saturday. Hmm...Weirdo Records, must investigate!
  14. Been using the Canadian equal of the Adams spray, been through about a Gallon already @ $30 a pop and it did cut down the pop. and slow 'em down, but new batch seems to have hatched. Got a quote from Orkin today for around $300(!) so think I will just keep pumping spray, until the carpets are squishing. I am sure my friend would pay me back, but would rather just keep fighting the battle DYI and let them make the expensive decission when they return. Of course it goes without saying that any friend of mine has lots of records and stereo gear, but with my impending store move, I have enough of my own to shift around, so may just have to do the bug bombs, leave the annimals outdoors in their cages and carriers with lots of water and hope it doesn't damage too much. Just at wits end, with enough stuff on my mind and sleep deprivation, due to fleas, is not allowing me to find inner peace. And if another person asks me if I'm going to the "Flea Market" this week, I'll kill 'em inbetween scratching my legs off![]
  15. I've been house sitting this month and with the heatwave we had a couple of weeks ago, the house has been invaded by fleas. There are two cats and two rats, but they are on the second floor, had flea treatments before the owners left and are fine. Week one was the worst, as they bit me head to toe, but have been trying, better living through chemical engineering and was having moderate success. Now it looks like the second generation is here(they grow up so fast these days), so obviously I have missed one of their hiding places. I'm spending a fortune I don't have on products and being busy with work, doesn't leave me with enough time or energy to completely dismantle their house(lots of stuff) to get in every nook and cranny. I was vacuuming quite a bit, but of course am now out of bags(supposed to throw out each time) and replacements are some boutiquey brand that I have to find more of. Am I better off calling a exterminator with something more lethal than what I have access to and if so what am I going to do about the pets? Anyone with some experience or thoughts, before the whole house gets taken over and they completely consume me in my sleep?
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