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Will a pair of Klipschorns fit in a 2006 GMC Denali?

carbon summit

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I'm not sure why I'm asking here in HT, probably because this is where I spend most of my time.

Will a pair of Klipschorns fit in a 2006 GMC Denali? I have the regular Denali, not the XL (suburban). I never have the rear seats in, and would be laying the center seats flat so I have a little bit of room but I've never seen a Klipschorn in the flesh to really get a feel for how big it is. I know the Klipschorns come apart into two pieces which helps a little.

Anyone with Klipschorns give me their perspective of if this will be possible? I could borrow a pickup from work but then they'd be out in the element and I'd prefer to avoid that if I could.

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"Will a pair of Klipschorns fit in a 2006 GMC Denali?"

They will, but you have to do some cutting to get them to fit completely inside the door~

Is that a joke referring to installing them in the truck or do you literally mean they are so big they won't fit in the rear hatch?
I've never seen them and since they split into two pieces I'd think I'd have a chance at making it work.
I may end up renting a U haul trailer!!

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With some careful planning and a lot of blankets, you shouldn't have any trouble.

One good thing about U-Haul trailers is that they are low to the ground and will offer you more room to shift things around once inside. Trying to Shoe-Horn K-Horns into a vehicle can be trying and frustrating. (You will still need a lot of blankets etc)

Good Luck!!


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I had a 2000 Excursion a while back. Never owned anything since with that kind of room in it.

Its good that seat belts are required for kids, don't get me wrong, but when we'd take the Excursion somewhere on a long trip I always thought such a shame my son couldn't just play back there in that ocean of space. When I was a kid my brother, sister and I all sitting side by side in the back of an old Oldsmobile without an inch to spare!

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I just measured mine and here it is: as you know the top is a pentagon, the long side (front) is 34 1/4", from the tip of the apex of the pentagon to the front (I guess you'd say "depth") is 27" and in one piece they are 53" tall and they are heavy as hell!! I'd get help and a U-Haul and still round up plenty of blankets. I carried one off several years ago for some problem that I don't even remember now and we used a pick-up truck FOR JUST ONE. Good luck, one thing's for sure though, you get 'em home in one piece and set 'em up and whatever it took, you'll forget in a hurry when you start listenin' to 'em..............

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