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My bro Kevin Wolfe.

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Kevin I have not forgot about you. Screwed up my hand in motor's competition and did not really get any type of help from the other half. Plus there is a slight delay, due to me receiving some woofers that just did not cut the mustard. Heresy's and vinyl will soon be on its way. Talk to you soon. I updated my system content for you, take a look at it. Peace bro.[Y]

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Hey Matt "CRASH" Schaffer,

Thanks for the update. I've been listening to the last shipment of vinyl you sent me. Just opened up that AC/DC Back in Black last night. I didn't realize that was a 180 gram lp. It was awesome! Also listened to your Buddy- Buddy Rich. like I said before, I'm in no hurry.

I had my system down for a few days while I recapped my preamp with Jantzen caps, and I turned the tubes around so they stick up through the roof. That way I can pop the tubes out for tube rolling without taking off the cover every time. Talk to you soon- Kevin



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