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  1. I questioned whether or not they are Heresy's only due to the location of the Klipsch badges but who knows maybe they had custom made grills. I emailed the seller twice which yielded in negative results. Im sure at $40.00 they are long gone. Oh well I guess it wasnt meant to be.[]
  2. Look at my avatar, thats them. Sorry I know im bragging a little but they are my first reference speaker that I have ever owned.
  3. And if they are not available, I will just have to kick back and enjoy the RB-5's that I just picked up yesterday from Bill. What a fantastic speaker.[]
  4. Hopefully they are still available, I will have willland go and get them if they are.
  5. I sent the seller an email, however I have not heard anything back yet. Sure would be nice if they were a pair of Heresy's.[]
  6. Not a bad deal off of craigslist for $50.00!!!! PMA 700V I’ll add that to the post. Thanks. Dan WachsVoice Over Talent www.voiceoversbydan.com
  7. #5. I mount this board onto the back of my entertainment system. I have 3 speeds in which I can adjust. It does a great job keeping all of my components cool.
  8. Alright no laughing now but these are a few pictures of an exhaust fan that I made with some vairous parts around the house.
  9. www.windywilly.com great website, strictly cooling products.
  10. One heck of an awesome movie. The visuals and sound effects were outstanding. A must of the blu-ray collection.[Y]
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