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why am i unhappy with RF3S

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Loudspeaker placement may be affecting the sound. You might have to try different locations to find the best location for your speakers. This will give you some background on speaker placement:


The information is about sound reinforcement systems, but the same physics apply to the home.

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quad I'm not trying to be rude but did you not read any of the responses we gave you in your other post in regards to your RF3s?

ORIGINAL THREAD LINK: http://community.klipsch.com/forums/p/131681/1338480.aspx#1338480

I agree 100%. We provided constructive help in the previous thread, yet you start another thread on the same topic...? Where are the RF-3s in relation to where your bookshelf speakers were located? As previously noted, there are many factors to consider....

Also, how old is your Quad 303 amp? Is it possible the capacitors are in need of replacement?

You've also posted several other threads on these speakers; sounds like you're not happy with them--perhaps we should consolidate all these into one thread & address your issues...




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