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  1. Elon's "BFR"

    Isn't it amazing how 4 billion in government money can help the bottom line....
  2. RIP Tom Petty

    Another maker of music is gone. A really good one. RIP
  3. What is this squawker?

    Possibly EV-8HD, hard to tell from the back.
  4. Drop Speaker Wire Through Header with Electrical

    Running speaker wire along the baseboard doesn't look bad if the jacket is the wall's color. Personally, I have never run audio wiring through a wall as it adds length to the wire and, depending on the amplifier it is connected to, could pick up stray EMF/EMI.
  5. Tweak my Cornwall III / Modifier mes Cornwall III

    Modifying a loudspeaker based on rumors found on the internet is a bad way to go. The parts in the CW xover are likely of an equal or higher quality than those you propose using.
  6. buzz

    There may be an issue with the XLR cables. I am assuming the tube amp doesn't use XLRs.

    The picture does not look like the MDO I have. The stuff I have appears to be 7 layer void free birch with ~ 1/16 inch fiberglass overlay on each side, and is commonly used for signboard or for cabinet making. MDO seems to be very stiff and straight with no warping. Have no clue what's in the picture though.
  8. 1959 Klipsch Model H

    Oil seeping from those old caps could contain PCBs which are carcinogenic. New bathtub type caps are available if a restoration is contemplated. Otherwise, get new factory style xovers from Bob or Dean with newer type caps.
  9. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    There are Class D tube amps? Guess I missed that one.
  10. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    It's not so much whether SS or tubes are used for amplification, but rather the class of amplification. Class A has the best sound, SS or tubes.
  11. Pick ONE, and ONLY one, Steely Dan LP

    Yep, AJA for me too.
  12. NCAAF

    Kinda looked like it.
  13. About 35 years ago I had LaScalas and Khorns in the same room. The Khorns would go louder and lower while the LaScalas would image better. Being able to place the Lascalas in the room where they sounded best was the key.
  14. RIP Walter Becker, 1/2 Steely Dan

    One of my favorite bands, hate to hear the news. RIP.
  15. RIP Jerry Lewis

    The Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis movies are some of the funniest I have ever seen and are my favorites. RIP