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  1. PZM mics are nearly worthless for sound reinforcement.
  2. That's some lousy soldering on that amp. I am not surprised that it has issues.
  3. Guitar and bass amps are usually sitting on top of the speakers, which play much louder than home speakers. Microphonics would be a bigger problem in this application than with home hifi systems. Maybe the musicians swap tubes frequently?
  4. If a person is listening to 1 watt average power, the amplifier will need to put out 20 clean watts to pass peaks undistorted. Don't forget every time the listening distance is doubled SPL falls by 6 dB. ! watt average power into a Khorn is 92 dB SPL 16 feet away. Don't forget to allow for more power if EQ is employed. A 3 dB EQ bump doubles power requirements at that frequency.
  5. Which partially explains the crappy quality of recordings these days, if you are referring to studio engineers. If you are talking about FOH engineers and touring sound providers, then speaker system comparisons are perfectly valid because the PA is the original sound that one hears at a large concert. If you are talking about hifi magazine reviewers, I can't consider any of these to be any more than professional shills and literary prostitutes who should be ignored.
  6. I have a feeling this guy would be very happy with the sound from a 1960s jukebox. He sounds like an idiot, and probably is an idiot. Whenever a person compares one speaker with another, you have to consider that person's listening experience and qualifications. This guy does not appear to have the necessary bona fides for me to pay much attention to him. He says the Khorn isn't good because it only goes down to 33 Hz. At 33 Hz the Khorn can output a higher SPL with lower distortion than any commercially available home speaker, with a 100 watt amplifier. My guess is that he likes distorted bass because he compares speaker to speaker, not speaker to the original sound.
  7. The Yamaha SP 2060 has two direct digital AES/EBU inputs, . Not sure about the others I recommended.
  8. Look at the used market for EV DX-38, EV DC-1, Yamaha SP 2060, Xilica, or Ashly Protea processors. They turn up around that price from time to time.
  9. Since the Khorn woofer is about 4 feet out of phase (greater than one wavelength) with the mid at crossover, along with the aforementioned crossover phase shifts which push the woofer even further out of phase with the mid horn, it's no wonder changing the woofer's electrical polarity yields little audible difference. Phase shifts greater than 1/4 wavelength do not allow for coherent summation of the woofer and mid horn outputs. The arrival times from each driver within the speaker need to be the same before polarity differences between the drivers can be consistently heard.
  10. They are screwed to the bass bin from the top, It's been a while but there are 4 screws, IIRC. Look inside the top hat for the screws that hold the tops down. I finished a decorator model and used wing nuts to secure my top hats.
  11. A long as you don't play full blast you will be OK with the 30V supply. What speaker are you using?
  12. What are you going to do about the mid-woofer alignment?
  13. 50 cent speaks .
  14. Print media is declining for sure. This may be a good thing, as most of the surviving audio magazines are of dubious value. Stereophile is about the best if the survivors, The Absolute Sound is about the worst. I would not consider any current consumer audio publication trustworthy, as the equipment reviews are opinion pieces, influenced by advertising dollars and freebies from the manufacturers.
  15. I believe most audio enthusiasts would achieve much better results spending $400 on some room treatments than wasting that money on a freaking fuse. Audiophile fuses, cable elevators and magic rocks, along with a lot of other silly stuff, are a total waste of money. Lots of ignorance in audio, and PWK warned of this sort of thing about 50 years ago. I would like to see what he would say about audiophile fuses. I'll bet on the bullshit button getting flashed.