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  1. Don Richard

    Leaving Amp On.....

    It depends. Some tube amps will not be damaged if played without a loudspeaker load, a Leslie organ speaker amplifier being a known example. Other tube amps may be damaged if played without a load on the output transformer. The reason I would turn off any amplifier not in use, tube or SS, is because of heat. Heat is the enemy of all electronics.
  2. Don Richard

    What are these

    The thing with the vanes is a JBL lens they used for mids and highs. These units sounded nice with wide dispersion but were expensive to make and prone to damage. They were generally used on concert speakers and other pro sound speakers.
  3. Don Richard

    REW download

    Dual FFTs are used for live sound, comparing the output of the mixing board to the FOH speakers' output in real time. SMAART is a commercially available system frequently used in that application.
  4. Don Richard

    FM Reception

    Multipath. The twin lead to the tuner and the antenna portion are both picking up the signal and causing interference. That won't happen with coax.
  5. Don Richard

    Foam board speakers / exciters ???

    Turn up a pair of Klipschorns loud enough and the whole house turns into a radiant speaker😁
  6. Don Richard

    EV 15wk - only horn loaded?

    The only factory specs give the size (15 inch), power handling (30W continuous 60W peak), weight (41 pounds), and impedance (16 ohms 3.2 ohms DCR). No Thiele-Small parameters that would indicate how it would perform on non horn loaded enclosures. I don't think that sort of data had been developed in the early 50s. I did measure the resonant frequency myself on the one that I had and it was 24 cycles per second, IIRC.
  7. Don Richard

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    This. No loudspeaker will sound worth a tinker's dam in that space. Whenever I moved the stereo was the last thing in the truck and the first thing in the new house so move "move in music" could be played. The sound was always horrible at first but improved greatly as rugs, furniture, and drapes were brought in.
  8. Don Richard

    EV 15wk - only horn loaded?

    The earliest version of the Georgian used the same bass horn, licensed by Klipsch, as the Khorns of that time. This bass cabinet did not have the back chamber opened up into the "sinus" cavities, so the EV 15WK was designed for the smaller back chamber volume. I don't know what effect that would have when using the 15WK in a vented enclosure because complete factory specs are not available.
  9. Don Richard

    Sunn speakers ??? Khorn copy ???

    Sunn was big in the '80s then Fender bought them and sold the brand until 2001-2002. I recently heard a band using Sunn PA boxes with the same midrange horn. Didn't sound bad but the high frequencies beamed pretty badly.
  10. Don Richard

    Palladium binding posts and banana plugs

    I think that's a removable cap that covers the banana socket.
  11. Don Richard

    La Scala crossover

    I don't believe the LaScala ever had the type A crossover, they used the AA crossover.
  12. Don Richard

    Arena concerts?

    I always try to sit near the FOH console at arena events, or in the seats in the back about 10-15 rows up. Sitting in the side seats has never been a good experience for me.
  13. Don Richard

    Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    Well, given my 4+ decades in automation design and testing I can state without hesitation that this is actually how this has been, and is being done. Computer based sims have been a game changer in the automation industry, particularly with regard to products for sale to the general public. You seem to have no idea whatsoever on what it takes to idiot proof something like a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. Note that I am not referring to debugging software like Autocad, but rather debugging the entire system - sensors, AI, control software, scenarios, and final control elements - that it takes to create an self -driving road vehicle. Use your credentials to get a free subscription to this engineering publication, and get a copy of the Nov/Dec 2015 issue which has quite a bit of information on the state of the art regarding autonomous vehicle design and challenges: http://insideunmannedsystems.com/subscribe/
  14. Don Richard

    Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    I just checked the calendar and I see we are now in the 21st century. We did not have the computing power then that we have now when airlines were a new thing. Today we can debug software that controls unmanned systems via simulation, a task that was impossible then. It makes more sense to test and validate different aspects of autonomous control on virtual test tracks that can generate different scenarios and faults over 50 million or more miles and determine if a particular system is safe or not.
  15. Don Richard


    Sad news, he was very knowledgeable and experienced. Will be missed😔