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  1. Don Richard


    120 in Phoenix is hot for sure, but at night 95 is comfortable. 95 in Louisiana is miserable. Like mama used to say, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity".
  2. Don Richard

    Great Song / Terrible Recording

    On the Cream song the drums were recorded in mono and panned hard right.👎 This album was recorded in the mid to late 60s, probably on a 4 channel recorder. Actually sounds better than many other albums from that era.
  3. Don Richard

    The Bradford Baffle

    Like an aperiodic vent? https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/flares/ports/vents/scanspeak-290001-aperiodic-vent-ssv/
  4. Don Richard

    Amplifier Clipping

    Speaking of the loudness wars, I saw a reply on the PSW forum that seems to indicate the loudness wars may be ending. Streaming services such as YouTube have set a standard that 16 dB above the average level must be allowed for peaks. Music that has been compressed to a DR of 4 dB will be adjusted so that the peaks are 12 dB below full scale, making it quieter, not louder. I have noticed that a CD mastered for loudness does sound quieter on YouTube than playing the actual CD on my laptop.
  5. Don Richard

    New to me Klipshorns

    Klipsch and McIntosh are a good combination. Enjoy!!
  6. Don Richard

    Amplifier Clipping

    Make that 20 watts (13 dB) and you would be correct, in most cases. Some music has 16 dB peaks, 40 watts.
  7. Don Richard

    A Room Acoustics Issue?

    There are a lot of hard surfaces in that room, no surprise there is little bass there.
  8. It helps control diffraction from the edges of the MF and HF horns.
  9. Single sided MDO plywood has a thin fiberglass coating on it. I've been thinking of building some pro sound boxes using 3/4 inch MDO.
  10. Don Richard

    Independence Day

    Why is this posted in the 2 Channel Home Audio section?
  11. Don Richard

    Radio station coming through amplifiers?

    A corroded or dirty contact can detect radio signals. This could be cables or other connections external to the amplifier, or dirty or poor connections on switches, potentiometers, or sockets internal to the amplifier. Does the problem occur with the amplifier disconnected from all other equipment or does it just happen with audio sources plugged into the amp?
  12. Don Richard

    Room acoustics gurus, please step in.........

    Treat the primary reflection points on both sides of the Khorns' top hats with absorptive materials, such as heavy drapes over the doors near the speakers, and absorptive panels on the front walls. Sit in the listening position and have someone slide a mirror on the front wall until the mid and high horns can be seen in the mirror. That is the proper location for the panels.
  13. Don Richard

    New caps and break in

    Tin plated, or gold plated, steel leads are commonly used for resistors, diodes, caps, and transistors these days. No big deal.
  14. Don Richard

    Kendrick Sound, Horns, Plasma tweeter, Tubes, Nice.

    I have heard first hand stories of the Ionovac tweeters catching on fire.
  15. Don Richard

    "Final" Configuration of System

    Empire turntable? I had one of those, an oldie but goody👍