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  1. Amps make no sense

    A lot of the cost of high end products is in the packaging. Eyewash is expensive and totally unnecessary for high end performance, with a cool looking anodized amplifier case possibly costing hundreds in parts and labor before markup. There are lots of choices between plain and fancy looking at the same performance level with the buyer deciding if the added cost is worth it or not.
  2. Klipsch RP-280f boomy base

    Pull them out away from the wall as far as possible and aim the speakers toward the listening position. Do you have bass and treble controls on your equipment?
  3. The incorrect tweeter is 6 dB lower in sensitivity than the rest of the speaker. Won't work properly, put the correct tweeter in there.
  4. Here's a video of Toole giving a lecture on the subjects covered in his book:
  5. Zxpc horn

  6. Tube Sound From Your Solid State Amp ?

    Well, I certainly hope not.
  7. Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    He will be lucky to release the Model 3 in two more years. Promises, promises....
  8. crossover for klipschorn

    An active crossover such as the Yamaha SP2060 or Xilica 4080. Hands down the best.
  9. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    I've seen AC/DC a half dozen times, they're my favorite band, and it was sad to see Malcolm go down the last few years with his dementia. Rock on, brother, RIP.
  10. Depends on the speakers, the room, and the dynamic range of the source material. If the goal is to reproduce the intensity and dynamic range of a live classical performance in a 4000 cu. ft. room, 1 watt average power into Khorns and 20 dB dynamic range (100 watts) is about what you want to have. Outdoor usage needs more power for the same acoustic output.
  11. K-55X Drivers

    I doubt a 15 W iron is enough to do that job. I would use a 50 W iron with an 800 deg. tip, pre-tin the wires and the terminal, and sweat them together
  12. Trimming speaker wire

    It would take a single electron hours to travel through 8 feet of copper wire, though the electrical current flow might be many coulombs per second.
  13. 6SN7 Tubes

    If the 6J5 is "exactly1/2 of a 6SN7" why go to the trouble of extra sockets or adapters then? Why, "exactly", would they sound different ?
  14. New horn design, constant directivity?

    The new horns have nearly constant directivity performance. The older MR and HF horns are exponential horns and have collapsing polars. The sound changes as one moves about the room with those.
  15. RIP Fats Domino

    Passed away earlier today at the age of 89. Along with producer David Bartholemew, he is credited with creating R&B music and early rock and roll and had over 40 hits, including two number ones. He will truly be missed. RIP.