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  1. The Schitt amp is 20 watts @8 ohms, 40 watts @4 ohms. The first 10 watts are class A.
  2. Is TAS still publishing? TAS is dead to me, so...
  3. I do the same thing mostly out of habit, and did the same thing when renting or buying houses. Even did some slight remodeling to fit the Khorns in one place I had.
  4. We had some furniture that had damage where the legs had been dragged on the floor and had become dented/chipped. The furniture repairman used something that looked like Crayons, which he melted and blended to get the color to match. He then filled the damaged area with the melted substance and smoothed it after it had hardened. He simulated the grain pattern by using a darker "crayon". The repaired area was a perfect match.
  5. Keep listening! Music has a healing effect and will help your recovery.👍
  6. The Danley loudspeakers can output square waves over a wide frequency range, or so I've heard. Have you tried that on your SH 50s yet?
  7. Add my thanks for your work on MEH loudspeakers and for explaining clearly the "hows" and "whys" of the design. You have a gift for explaining highly technical things in a way that is easy to understand. Keep up the good work!
  8. I hear (no pun intended) the pro sound guys refer to "coherence". This refers to how the output of a loudspeaker compares with the input signal. When the phase and the amplitude are flat, and impulse response is clean, the speaker sounds more lifelike and measures better. This seems to describe what you report hearing and observing. A coherent speaker is better able to deal with noise and acoustic interferences, and will not suffer from polar pattern degradation as badly when the wind is blowing. https://www.prosoundweb.com/channels/live-sound/tech-topic-coherence-reverberation/
  9. I have 2 main issues concerning cables - false advertising by a lot of the sellers, along with exorbitant pricing. Any audible differences are accounted for by the measured inductance, capacitance, and resistance of the cable, and are generally small. Manufacturers that claim their cables cause dramatic improvements in sound quality are blowing smoke in an effort to promote sales, and overcharging their customers for what amounts to hookup wire. $1500 worth of room treatments will yield much greater sonic improvement than $75 worth of wire that sells for $1500. There are decent cables available from companies that don't lie about their products, and don't charge a fortune for them. Blue Jeans Cables, Mogami cables, and Belden wire and cable are examples of respected companies that make quality products that won't break the bank, especially if you DIY. As far as audiophiles who spend a lot of money on expensive cables and completely worthless tweaks while ignoring simple acoustic treatments, I just smile and shake my head.
  10. I'm sure she has some sort of magnetic field around her. I mean, I'm attracted for sure.
  11. This is a stunning statement that leaves me at a loss for words. best describes this statement, and I am certain if PWK were alive flashing that yellow button would be his response to your post smh.
  12. I have modified and time aligned my Khorns, and there is indeed a positive difference due to time alignment. The probability of an amplifier and wiring enabling a person to detect time alignment to within 1/64 inch on a home stereo system is virtually nil. Moving your head less than one inch changes the time alignment more than that, so the amplifier and wiring is irrelevant with regard to the ability to hear such a difference.
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