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  1. The Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis movies are some of the funniest I have ever seen and are my favorites. RIP
  2. One thing to look for as the eclipse is happening, no matter if you are in the path of totality or not, is the crescent shapes you can see through shadows cast by trees and bushes as the moon passes in front of the sun. It won't get totally dark, more like dusk, and your shadow will still look like it does at noon, short not long. It will also be cooler than normal for this time of year.
  3. In the early 80s I saw a total eclipse. Kinda meh, it was about noon, it did not get totally dark, about like dusk except my shadow looked like it would about noon. Looking at the shadows under trees, they were crescent shaped. Ring of fire for about a minute. Cooler than normal. Won't drive anywhere to see this one, we are going to get ~ 75% where I live.
  4. Aluminum angle the correct size, cut to length, screw down. Anodize if desired. Corner protectors and handles can be had from Parts Express.
  5. Check SS screws with a magnet, not all stainless is non-magnetic. 18-8, 303, 304 and 316 stainless are non-magnetic, some of the 400 series stainless are magnetic
  6. Thanks, I have read some of these papers and it's nice to get all of them in one place.
  7. I think Roy had a lot to do with it.
  8. I suppose a person could hook a good AC voltmeter to the unused speaker's terminals. Read the voltage then calculate the SPL using the reading as if it were the voltage from an amp. I have never done this but I suspect the SPL would be pretty low.
  9. Are you running phase traces when determining frequency response? Different filter settings that yield the same frequency response will not have the same phase response. Phase response is a very important factor when aligning a system and flattening frequency response without considering phase will not give the best sound.
  10. I would go with the Luxman. Even if it had problems and had to be repaired it would be better than the Chinese piece.
  11. The big thing about the Belles is the beautiful cabinet. Otherwise, it is basically a LaScala. If the cabinet is rough that will diminish their value considerably. 800 to 1000 bucks is about what they are worth. Make him an offer if you still want them.
  13. The electronics in an active analog crossover are connected to circuitry powered by DC. The audio signal, which is alternating current, rides on the DC from the power supply and does not pass through zero. The current passing through coupling and time constant caps is low. ESR is of little consequence in low-current circuits, but more important where current is high and goes through a zero crossing such as caps in a passive crossover.
  14. If one uses a DSP crossover there is less chance a bad cap will shift the crossover point. A bad cap in the power supply would probably affect both channels, caps associated with one channel would affect that channel. Generally, digital either works or doesn't. ESR is a factor that affects passive crossovers. Caps in electronic crossovers have DC biasing the caps so ESR is less of a factor.
  15. Live sound engineers like to keep the stage volume as low as possible so that most of the sound you hear is going through the PA. When the stage wash is too loud the vocal mics pick up sound from the instruments that have their own mics, causing interference. "Line arrays" seem to be taking over the arena concert sound industry. Two people can hang a 16 box line system in an hour or so and the array prediction software is fairly good these days. The problem I see is that these hangs do not work well if you are sitting up close. Most providers use front fills in that case, which are basically like the smaller PAs used in clubs. If the provider doesn't use front fills, or doesn't do them properly, coverage suffers. Line source performance in the far field is excellent, however, with all of the large line systems I have heard.