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  1. Most sound reinforcement speaker systems are tested outdoors at 10 meters with a 10 watt input signal. This is exactly equal to 1 watt at 1 meter. Loudspeakers tested in a chamber could be at I meter or longer, with input power adjusted so that results are equivalent to the 1 watt at 1 meter spec.
  2. They came. They saw. They got beat by LSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I would hang drapes over the window and do what Gary said wrt the area rug and macrames or something soft on the walls.
  4. Weigh one and see what it actually is?
  5. High pass filters are difficult ($$$) to implement in a passive crossover. An active HP filter, or "rumble filter" for vinyl, is necessary for ported cabinets.
  6. I mean, how good is OSU? I figure they have a rather inept coaching staff - they had Joe Burrow and let him get away from them.😁 They let the likely Heisman winner go to an SEC school that is now top seed in the CFB playoffs, and OSU might have to face their former player. Joe would really like that to happen, but I think Clemson is going to win against OSU on December 28, setting up an LSU versus Clemson Championship game.
  7. Do you have cable plugged into the tuner, or an antenna?
  8. Having a well balanced subwoofer system does seem to result in improvements throughout a speakers frequency range.
  9. Only $42,250.00 used!!!!! I can guarantee that anyone dumb enough to pay that is going to be too dumb to "adjust" the controls properly.
  10. You might want to look into tapped horns. They have elements of TL and horns, and are compact relative to exponential horns of the same low frequency cutoff.
  11. DSP loudspeaker processors all have EQ capability in addition to crossover functions.
  12. He seems to be using 57 1/8 inches of solder per joint, for the best sound. 🙄
  13. The only thing I know about black tie-wraps, performance wise, is that they do not degrade in sunlight like the "clear" ones do. All of the other information about different colors is bullshit.
  14. Testing a Khorn outside on a driveway? ROFLMAO That's exactly what I would do if I wanted to manipulate the results in order to make that speaker look bad. But I guess the dummy wanted to be "fair" because that's how he "measures" all of the speakers he tests. The Khorn is designed to be used in 1/8 space, i.e. in or very near a corner. The Stereophile tests were run in 1/2 space, i.e. in an open area with the Khorn sitting on a concrete driveway. No Bueno. The way I understand the enclosed backs on the AK6 is that the speaker doesn't need to be pushed tightly into the corner of the room, and can be adjusted to aim toward the listening position. The one thing I do agree with is that using a DSP and triamping the Khorn improves it's performance.
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