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  1. Don Richard

    How do I bring Forte ll`s to new level???

    You mention speaker mods and electronics but seem to be ignoring the most important factor - the room. A room that is poor acoustically will sound bad no matter what equipment is in it. Room treatments and loudspeaker placement will fix most situations like you describe. Tube amps and wires cannot correct an acoustic problem.
  2. The inductor in the OP could be modified into an "E" core that would reduce magnetic hysteresis, but the other inductors mentioned above are available and are good to go as purchased.
  3. One thing about Klipsch Heritage speakers is that several types of caps were used over the years, from high grade MIL spec oil-filled bathtub caps to poorer quality film caps. My Khorns came with Type A crossovers that used the oil-filled bathtub caps, but I replaced them when the Type AA became available due to blown tweeters. The AAs used Sprague hermetically sealed caps on the squawker circuit on both of the crossovers, using film and foil caps on the tweeter circuit on one of the crossovers with smaller flat oval caps (metallized?) on the tweeter circuit of the other crossover. When the crossovers were new, the speakers sounded identical despite the different types of caps used on the tweeters. Years later I recapped both crossovers using metallized polypropylene caps on the tweeters. As for my original Type A crossovers, they ended up in a friend's speakers, consisting of an EV Georgian bass bin with fiberglass K400 clone squawkers and EV T35 tweeters. I expected that the Type As would need cap replacement after so many years, but the speakers sounded great during listening tests, so we left the original caps alone. The point I am trying to make is that different types and quality of caps were used at different times by Klipsch. A person's experience with updating caps depends on what caps were used to begin with. YMMV
  4. Get some 16 gage brass and make the jumper plates if that's what you want. Hobby stores would have what you need, then a drill and file (or Dremel) and 20 minutes or less would do it.
  5. Did the amplifier go DC and melt the woofer? That would sure do it. An amplifier check may be in order.
  6. Don Richard

    Checking on Old K-33-P Speakers

    You can't check the actual impedance with that meter, but that woofer has a voice coil with 3.2 ohms DC resistance. Should be close to that number.
  7. Don Richard

    Cd versus vinyl side by side

    Accumulated acoustic energy is the most accurate way to match levels for comparative testing of audio components. Here is how it was done to test audible differences between two amplifiers: "I started these trials with just the Bryston and the Crown, and spent a lot of time getting their levels matched, a channel at a time, using the RTA software in the TEF analyzer to accumulate acoustic energy over a minute and adjusting so that both amps yielded the same accumulation to within about 0.2 dB" http://www.moultonlabs.com/more/what_is_the_sound_of_one_amp_clipping/P2/
  8. Don Richard

    Phase plug

  9. Don Richard

    Phase plug

    The phase plug is necessary for accurate high frequency response, otherwise you get phase cancellation. Some HF horns appear to not have phase plugs because those horns use detachable compression drivers which have their own phase plugs.
  10. Don Richard

    Cd versus vinyl side by side

    This is a good example of how to run an invalid test. The second example is louder than the first and that difference in level makes this "test" worthless. Levels must be balanced to within .1 dB to get any sort of valid comparative data.
  11. Don Richard

    Create distressed oak look of Forte IIIs

    Button head hex head screws are what you want, I think: https://www.albanycountyfasteners.com/Button-Socket-Head-Screw-6-32-Black-Oxide-Stainles-p/12080000.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7tvCpde_3QIVCqZpCh1cNAZOEAQYAiABEgJiDfD_BwE
  12. Don Richard

    Turntable Repair

    The rubber in the stylus assembly may have dried and hardened. Try a new stylus.
  13. Don Richard

    Siegfried Linkwitz RIP

    Sad news, RIP.
  14. Don Richard

    Has anyone used sound baffles...

    I have seen drapery material hung from the ceiling from the corners at four points so that it droops in the center. Multiple treatments were used, each 3 or 4 feet wide in a two layer fashion with the lower drapes spaced about 3 feet apart. It looked pretty cool as if an interior designer had done it. They were effective ceiling absorbers. I believe Romy the Cat used similar treatments in his room.