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  1. Can anyone recommend good cables for Klipschorns powered by a Jadis Orchestra tube am?
  2. They have been placed snug in the corners. The room treatments are a big project ( currently delayed as the builder here is behind schedule). It will include a 35 well stepped diffuser designed by Prof Trevor Cox, middle bass traps and absorber panels. I will send pics as soon as its all in place. I contacted Crites regarding the Type A crossovers and he answered that that the type A does not have any tweeter protection. So that if I am using the original K-77 tweeters, type A without tweeter protection puts those tweeters at risk because they are extremely delicate. If I wanted to continue to use the K-77 tweeters, it would be better if you order the type AA crossovers that do have tweeter protection. Or that I should upgrade the tweeters to a more durable and better performing tweeter like their CT120, and then use the type A crossover (since the new tweeters would not need any tweeter protection). The idea of just having to meticulously clean all contacts and this resulting in noticeable improvement is more appealing, of course. Thoughts...?
  3. That is obviously not how they are set up. They are placed perfectly into the corners.
  4. I have Khorns the same vintage - Have yet to find the right set up. Recommendations? What cables do you use. Did you do any crossover/woofer modifications?
  5. I am attaching some more photos-it looks like these speakers are pre 1980s (metallic mid-horn). If I custom built new crossovers and do some modifications (which, after having a look at the photos, I invite you to recommend: https://critesspeakers.com/crossovers.html) - does this greatly improve the imaging of the speakers? I will seal them into the corners as well. Room treatments have already been ordered. As far as source: I only listen to hd tracks, lossless files. Please do consider that I am located in Germany, not the US when suggesting vendors. I moved here after many years in the States - there is always the option of having a friend bring the parts with them to Europe.
  6. Thanks for all the kind replies. I have to correct the room height: 8.2 ft not 82 feet, of course. They are now placed on the long side of the wall in the corners. But not sealed into the corners, therefor no low frequency gain. Basstraps?I have a rendering of what the ideal room treatment would look like (see attachment). The drivers seem to all be in working order. Regarding the AK-3 crossovers I am not sure Klipsch built those pre 2000? They have not been tampered with. I am only the second owner. As far as the sound: thin bass, nasal vocals, flat, muffled, little dynamic range, lack of warmth and roundness, just not 'present' or life-like sounding,which is how I heard them sound in a different space, also with Jadis Orchestra. It's hard to tell the male from females apart in a chorus, for example.
  7. I started on putting together a dedicated listening room, size is approximately 16 ft by 20 ft height 82 ft. I have 1989 Klipschhorns and a Jadis Orchestra tube amplifier. For now it sounds like crap. Will curtains, carpeting, absorbers, diffusor panels etc make a dramatic difference. Cables? Please advise.
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