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Where are the bass drivers in the heritage speakers?


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I'm a newbie when it comes to klipsch highend audio speakers and was wondering after I read the specs on the heritage speakers where the bass driver is located at on these speakers. Especially the la scala unit as it just seems to be a wood enclosure. I really am impressed by their specs, I would love to hear a pair, alas if I hear some, I might want them and I cannot yet afford them for my system...

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Until you've seen the inside of the La Scala's, Belle's, or K'horns, it's kind of hard to describe where the bass driver is located. On the La Scala's, it is mounted inside the enclosure you see that has the pointed end facing you (it is called, elegantly, the "dog house"). The driver faces the rear of the speaker. The bass driver fires through a slot in the doghouse, hits the back of the speaker, and exits out through the front on either side of the doghouse.

Once you hear them, you'll have to have them. Nothing sounds quite like Heritage speakers!

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Yes,once you hear them you will want them.

I pursued the mighty Klipschorn ever since first hearing them in 1977,found them last year at a price that must have been meant to be.

As it turned out they were 1977 K-Horns.

The K-Horn is the most complicated bass section of the three folded horn Klipsch speakers.

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LaScala's are wonderful speakers but are not aesthetically appealing to the eye (read: wife-test). If you have corners and can find a deal (or are loaded), go for a cream-puff pair of 70's or early 80's vintage K'horns. If you don't have corners, try the Cornwall or Belles.

I finally went with the Cornwalls because I didn't have good corners for them. They are wonderful, wonderful speakers and can be had for sub-$1K on Ebay if you're patient.



Denon AVR-3800

McIntosh MC-2105 (Fronts)

Toshiba SD-3109 DVD

Klipsch Cornwall I's (LF/RF)

Klipsch KT-LCR ©

Heresy (RR/LR)

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The woofer in the Belle and La Scala sits behind the "V" and fires rearward. The sound is split into 2 paths and bends around to the front. The Belle is VERY similar, but the point of the "V" is cut off and the horn is stretched wider, but shallower.


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