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The Sub keeps clipping out


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I am running it %50 on the preamp and %100 on the Windows control panel... if I crank it more then that it keeps clipping it out. My sub volume is at the 10 o' clock position. Maybe it's the kind of music... it is basically hip-hop/rap... What I mean by clipping out is it has a little rattling sound, "farting" (LOL) if you want to call it...

Can you guys check... here is one particular song...

Rascalz - Where You At

Hmm... maybe it's time for a KSW-15...

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You definitely need to turn down the windows volume. You are sending too much signal to the pro's causing the distortion. set the volume for windows somewhere between 45 and 70 percent and you'll have much better results.

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it happens when too much and too low bass is sent to the sub.

if you are unsatisfied by the output of the sub to the point where you have to crank it enough for that to happen, I advise you to look into REAL sound systems.


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