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Proper Phase Setting For Sub?


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If you have a test CD(with some sub bass)or a music CD with a trach that contains very deep and sustained bass use it.

Just pop the CD in the player,press play and now punp up the volume a bit(if you have a reciever set the mains to FULL RANGE).

Sit down in your listening chair and listen.Now Flip the switch to 180 and listen again.More bass or less?

If your sub has a dial from 0-180 set it to 180.Hear any more bass?

The way I test is simple

1)set all speakers to full range

2)set the sub phase to 0

3)pop in a test cd and put a 60Hz test tone on repeat

(since the speakers are still very strong at 60Hz I will know when the sub and speakers start to cancel each other)

4)listen to the 60Hz test tone with speakers set to full and sub phase to 0

5)now set the sub phase to 180,listen again

6)set the phase where response at 60Hz is most powerful

(since I have multi sub configurations once the master sub is dialed in I turn the power amp off and listen only to the master sub with the second sub,when they work as one I set the third from the master sub.When all subs work as one and not against each other I power back the amp and adjust the master sub output to match the mains and VOILA)


TheEAR(s) Now theears

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