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Foobar Question


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What kind of folder structure do you use for foobar20000, eg. album, artist? ... etc

I am starting the long process of capturing my 350 albums and hope to do it "properly". Lots of confusing issues to me anyway since there are a lot of many-to-many relationships involved.

I find it very difficult to get questions answered on the net or to get a help file that actually helps. I did stumble onto how to get foobar to display my album art. And I just discovered how to preserve the order of tracks (the same as on the phono record) for foobar.

Any kind of operating tips would be greatly appreciated.


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What kind of folder structure do you use for foobar20000, eg. album, artist?

That would be a personal choice, I would think...

I don't use Foobar but do use Exact Audio Copy and I use Artist, Album format. So the artists cd's are all in one folder and filed alphabetically. It might not be the best but that's what I do.


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I use artist, title and date of release as the folder name, (Neil Young, Harvest 1972).... In the folder I have track number and title for all the songs, (02 - Harvest). If I have more than one CD/LP file for a artist, I put all of them in a folder named for the artist. There would be a Neil Young folder. Inside would be the various albums and inside those folders would be all the songs for that album.

I hope this what you were looking for.

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Yes, thank you. I have 350 or so albums to capture. I currently have them stored alphabetically in six major groups. Been that way for over 50 years.

I want them to be computer sorted likewise with whatever constraints foobar might need to make it easier to relate the computer location to the physical location. Does this make sense to anybody?

I can't seem to find out just what these media players (I have looked at a lot of them) need to function "properly". I most likely will still play the entire record but the ability to skip around is something not easily done with a turntable, so there is somewhat of a learning curve for me.

I am hoping to avoid "filing mistakes" espcially if others have worked through all this already.

Thanks again for responding. Any operating tips anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.


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I do not use Foobar to organize music, I
have always done it on my own. I have a separate hard drive that I store
my music on but that's mainly because I have a lot to store. I think of
mine system like it is a file cabinet.

My setup is this. I have made
folders labeled Music, A - G...Music, H - Q and Music, R - Z. In each
folder is artists that match those alphabetcally, and as stated above, in each
artist folder are the various Cd's by that artist. I also have a group
of "Various" folders in the R - Z folder (Various, Jazz ... Various, Blues...etc) that I put
artist that I don't want a whole folder for. For the main folders (A _- G ...H - Q ...R - Z) I have made shortcuts and placed them on my desktop for easy access. It seems like a lot of folders but it's logical and works for me.

I want to listen to The Beatles, Abbey Road. I open the Music, R - Z
folder...go to The Beatles folder and open that and then open the Abby
Road folder/Cd and hit "play all" or pick a song that I want and then play
that. I have set Foobar as my "defaut player" in Windows so when I hit "play all" Foobar open and play's the music.

I would think you could still do the six major groups that you
do now as that's what your use to. There's no right or wrong way to do
this, what works for you is all that matters.

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