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HELP!!! rsw15 or sunfire true signature or mk mx5000thx or hgs ?BEST?


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I need help deciding which sub to buy...I'm not within driving distance to demo these products so I'm relying on anyone with technical expertise and or personal experience. I prefer to stick with Klipsch but I wont be truly happy unless I know i have the absolute best of the four.








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I trust velodyne but some say the sunfire quote "sunfire blows velodyne away"...

but after having to return my SVS subs and amp.......

do you have experience with the sunfire?

it would be great to try them all in the same enviroment(my living room). Im close to ordering the sunfire at this point...its only 13 cubed inches and 57lbs. and supposedly packs a comparable punch.

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comparable to the hgs-10 maybe. cwm4.gif

i'm talkin the hgs-18 which is the only i'd put w/ klipsch. i think ears would agree, you'd have to be dong some serious drugs to compare the sunfire to hgs in extension. maybe they're speed freaks though, which i think is subjective.

sounds like you're looking in the 1k range so it's moot on the hgs-18 anyway. cwm4.gif


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Sorry LouisT

I was at work(a solid 12Hours! cwm3.gif )

Ok first I have to deal with good ole Boa,

"comparable to the hgs-10 maybe." What is comparable to a HGS10,I hope for your sake you did not have sunfire in mind.Because if you did you dont know Sunfire at all.

The Mark II beats the HGS10 in output,the Signature beats the Velodyne HGS12 and comes damn close to the HGS15!In output again(yes have the Sunfires and the mighty HGS18,and other mighty subs thank you)

Ok back to regular brodcast

I would select the M&K 4000 as THE SUB FOR music in your group,the HGS18 would eb MY choice as the best balanced of them all.The HGS18 has POWER,TRUE SUB BASS CAPABILITY and above all finesse only few can match(much more expensive like the JBL Ti-K sub and Aerial SW12)

So you can draw a picture,the HGS18 is a very musical sub with great output.The second choice the M&K 4000 is no slouch,it can dig quite low a bit below 20Hz and is as musical as a sub gets.The third choice would be the Klipsch RSW15(yes a Klipsch)from my experience with the RSW10 and a short few auditions of the RSW15 I can say the new Klipsch is defined and not at all boomy.

The mighty mite Sunfire subs are good for music if cut at no more then 50Hz!The Sunfire Signature is the best all around minisub,it whips all competitors and copycats into submission.

The only better(than the HGS18)subs are the Aerial SW12 and JBL Ti-K(damn output to curl walls and slam to make the M&K duck and cover).

So its how I hear it

The SVS Ultra is a very good subwoofer again I kept my test units crossed at 50Hz.Maybe your crossover was too high?!Well and I used power amps more expensive then the Ultras(combined two units),amp plays a role in quality of sound too you know.

Hope it helps

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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