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Now were talkin bass


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I like alot of bass. So I went to Kreuzler-Karbarenger, in England, and asked them to give me the MOST POWERFUL AMP, and 4 15"'s in a powered sub., so they hand made a cabinet that is 4 feet high, 6 feet wide, and 7 feet deep, and weighs in at about 280 pounds. Each 15" has a 600 oz. magnet, and the back of the box has 12 1" ports, while the front sports a 6 ft. wide bottom slot port. GOOD GOD. My balls were about to rattle off. I DIDNT HAVE THAT MUCH CASH UP FRONT. So, I went to SEVERAL loan companies in the U.S. and got MANY loans taken out. And will be paying for the next 40 years, but, hey, the profit i make, it's like chump change. It has a hand stained walnut finish on the cabinet, and, im not real sure whats on the inside, im not going to take it apart to find out, no way, toooooooo expensive to mess with like that. I have casters on the bottom, and i have a dolly for it, i also have a hardshell cover (handmade) for it, w/ the company's name on it. I put the volume knob only 3 notches up, (max is 20 notches), i've had people a quarter of a mile away calling the police. It actually makes the gravel and dirt "bounce". Since the company is private, i cannot give out the phone #, etc., plus, DEFENTALLY NOT an average sub, it would literally make your house frame shatter and probally caused injury buy collapsing. oh yea, this thing draws too much damn power too.

50,000 watt amp, hand made cabinet. Nice port job, alot of ports is good w/ that much power, especially 50k watts.

just barely turning the volume up, cant let it rip, too LOUD!


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I did read this BS,its pure 100% BS.

AudioReview if full of dreamers and jealous clowns who claim to own very exotic gear.

Sure I too have a $5000000 SVS SS Ultra Deluxe TV Edition.And guess what I asked as many loan sharks as I could for loans and they said "HERE IS THE CHASH,YOU BETTER GIVE IT BACK AT 5% A WEEK INTEREST OR YOU ARE GOING TO R.I.H(rest in hell). Wink.gifWink.gifWink.gif


TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Yes of coarse it is clearly a fabricated story. But sounds good. actually I thought this story was the doings of TheEARS. ha funny you should respond. EARS thanks for you past help as well. answering question is tough and requires time and pacients. People with good information are tough to find when you need them.

I just had to post and laugh at this fairy tale fantasy of a review. Moving foward.

With the pacient help of one of the forums regulars, .......BOA12......, via emails/phone

We have reconfigured, moved speakers and made adjustments within the receiver and the subwoofer, along with the addition of the new Klipsch RSW-15 subwoofer. The system is perfected, (for now).

It was most stressful and time comsuming getting to this point.

Being picky, uninformed, in a hurry and wanting instant gradification isn't a winning combo, when creating a music system.

After all the hours spent listening to & tweaking speakers, at all volumes levels, using a variety of music/movies, my ears probably couldn't discern bass from the door slamming.

I could right a small book about all I have learned during these past months.

THANKS BOA! Everything is sounding good, until the next upgrade.IMG] cwm12.gif

Yamaha RX-V3000

Klipsch RF-7s



Klipsch RSW-15

Velodyne 1012 sub

Panasonic HDTV 51"


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Dont take this as a rant against you Von,I refer to the Snow White and Co posts on AudioReview.Many poor POS products get great scores while a Krell amplifier will get a 1/5 from a bozo who could not even buy one if he sold his shack and kids.

"I thought this story was the doings of TheEARS."

Its a free country you are allowed to think I invent what I have.I have nothing against it.At least I am realistic Wink.gif

Bottom line AudioReview is full of wannabe Mr and Mrs Nobody who pass for someting they are not and spit brain farts,no serious reviewer will take AudioReview too much to heart.Most "reviews" dont stand up and miss legs.Not to say some are not serious and honnest,its the clowns that ruin a good site.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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This is the only place to get accurate information i guess. I think the reviewes on audioreview are honest reviews from people who are happy with there purchases or not and say so, with no motive other than to express themselves.

I wonder sometimes if some of the people who post hear regularly defending Klipsch and discounting and minimizing most all others, might just be receiveing free speaker from Klipsch and OTHERS.

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Well I know I'm not, dangit, and if some of you are, you better tell me how I go about it, cuz I want me some Klipshes really badly, but the girlfriend is pumping my bank account like crazy!



http://members.fortunecity.com/sebdavid - go laugh at my crappy website/equipment

http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=Sebdavid - go laugh at my puny little DVD collection

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