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My first HT Room


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I am in the early stages of planning
my home theater room. I am going to have
a room that is 16 x 14. I am wanting to have a projection screen as large as I
can to give this a movie theater feel to the room. I am wanting to put in some
movie theater seats, probably 6 to 8 chairs…

This is primarily
going to be used for movies and maybe some PS3 playing…

What I need help
with is this….I am trying to keep this moderately priced… I am going to need a
5.1 or 7.1 system down here…I am planning on building my screen unless I can
find a 120” screen for a decent price…I am more than likely going to stick with
a 720p projector for now.

Any help, tips, or
whatever would be much appreciated.

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I'm finishing my room up this month. A couple of things I did or wish I would have done: Wire for 11.4 surround. That gives you plenty of options for the future...front hieght and front wides are the 9 and 11s A subwoofer port in each corner will allow some freedom without having to drag cables everywhere. I would consider a front wall so you can put up a transparent screen, or at least plan around that possability in the future. You can get a really big screen with a false wall. Plan carefully where you want your components and how easily it is to access them. I thought I had it worked out, but had to "make due" in the later stages. Put in some accoustic insulation.

Spend some time over on avsforum.com. If you are willing to look around, they have all the ideas and information you could ever need.

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My #1 recommendation to my customers, which is rarely listened to, is to spend 50-75% of your equipment budget on speakers. Not as flashy now days as the really big screen, but odds are high there are no other components that will be in use 7 years from now, let alone 20 years from now. In 2 channel, a nice amplifier and playback device will be around for years. In Home Theater, the receiver, flat panel, projector, media playback (Blu, DVD, etc), none of them will be valid and competitive 10 years from now. The La Scala's I built my home theater around ~20 years ago are still amazing today, and in fact, would cost me more to replace, let alone improve. Since that time I have had more displays, dvd/blu-ray players, and surround sound processors/amps/receivers than I can keep track of.

Not saying you need to spend "La Scala" money, but good speakers will stay good for years to come. As for screen, the paint on screens can work very well. More labor intensive than I prefer, but you can get good performance, and you don't have to worry about sag. Projectors, I like the Mitsubishi projectors as far as bang for buck, or Epson. Receivers, I was off Yamaha for awhile because of some design changes and cost cutting that I disliked. However, if you can find a dealer that carries the Aventage pieces, I think these in particular are back to where Yamaha should be. Other good options from Denon and Integra. No need now days to spend more than $1000 on a receiver unless you really want to or your budget for speakers warrants it.

For speaker recommendations, I would have to talk budget and lifestyle first. Would talk about the TV/Movie/Music usage, styles preferred, WAF? My general rule though is if you at all listen to music for fun/relaxation, spend more on your Front L/R than you do on your other speakers.

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