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pw-2200 or velodyne f series


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Velodyne F series are good subs,nothing too incredible.Ok output and clean sub bass.If you can get the F Velodyne at a LOW LOW price(how much) then its ok.

Paradigm 2200 is a proven sub with BIG output and of quality.Can be found around $500 if you shop around,the lat time I had one at home I paid under $700 Canadian for it.

For HT I would take the Paradigm,no contest.For music both do an ok job.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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i don't know whether it'S actually possible to find a PW-2200 for $500U.S.

I paid 670CAN for mine and it was a pretty damn good deal. Nevertheless, even at 600US it'S a damn fine subwoofer.


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